Solar-Powered Portable Coffee Maker

Solar-Powered Portable Coffee Maker

1.490,00 $

Solar-Powered Portable Coffee Maker

1.490,00 $

Serve over 100 great espressos with your brand new Solar-Powered Portable Coffee Maker wherever you are. And with the same quality as an Italian coffee shop. The set includes a Made in Italy mobile coffee machine, 400W foldable solar panels and Lifepo4 battery.

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Serve over 100 cups of coffee with your Solar-Powered Portable Coffee Maker with the same taste as an Italian café. As this espresso machine works according to the same concept as a professional coffee machine, except that it is portable.

In addition to being light and compact, it has great efficiency and consequently very low energy consumption. So you can run your new espresso machine with the solar generator that we provide with the coffee maker. This is a great advantage when you need to serve coffee at a wedding party held in a remote location. Often, in fact, the most beautiful parties take place by the sea or in a meadow. And you certainly won’t find a power outlet. But luckily these places are almost always open and sunny spaces. Then you can pair your portable generator with solar panels, thus increasing the overall capacity of your system. This way you will have enough energy to satisfy your guests’ coffee needs for several consecutive hours,

Advantages of Solar-Powered Portable Coffee Maker

Electric coffee makers have made brewing coffee extremely simple and convenient. And with the spread of home coffee machines, everyone can prepare delicious coffee at home. However, there are some big problems associated with using these espresso machines. The first obstacle is that traditional coffee makers consume a lot of energy. The second problem is the size of the coffee machine. While the coffee maker you use at home is little more than a toy. And it is certainly not suitable for serving more than 3 or 4 coffees a day.
This Solar-Powered Portable Coffee Maker is slightly larger than a home machine, but has the mechanics of a professional machine. It also has high efficiency and consequently very low energy consumption. Then you can connect your coffee maker to your solar generator and make as much coffee as you want. You don’t need an electrical outlet. This means that you will no longer have to pay electricity bills because you use completely free energy as well as clean and green energy!

Technical Data

External bodywork: steel and stainless steel
Thermoblock: totally in aluminum
Pod press: in aluminum
Pod clamping levers: in aluminum
Coffee pump: 15 Bar

Serve Over 100+ Espressos with Your Solar-Powered Portable Coffee Maker

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world and is drunk both at home and in coffee shops. Its consumption is increasing year by year and lately even Asians are switching from tea to coffee. One of the factors is certainly the ease with which it is possible to prepare excellent espresso using your home coffee maker. And even consuming an espresso at a coffee shop is simpler and quicker than drinking a cup of tea. Indeed contrary to what one might believe, preparing a coffee is actually very simple and immediate. Especially if you use coffee pods.
You start by connecting the solar panels to the generator and this to the coffee machine. Once this is done, pour the water into the coffee machine tank and turn on both the generator and the coffee maker. Then insert the coffee pod into the appropriate container and lower the machine lever. Then press the button on the machine and you will see the coffee come out of the front spout. In just a few seconds you have prepared an excellent coffee with the same quality as a Neapolitan café! Repeat the same process until you have served all the guests invited to the party. With this Solar-Powered Portable Coffee Maker you can serve more than 100 coffees in 1 hour. And on sunny days you can continue serving coffee until sunset.


Made in Italy Espresso Machine powered by solar panels
700Wh Lifepo4 battery
400W foldable solar panels and solar controller
Cables with plug&play connectors

Start the Day with an Excellent Espresso Even When Camping

Coffee is an essential part of the morning routine for millions of people around the world. Each of us needs that boost of energy provided by caffeine to start the day in the best way. In fact, we all have our own coffee machine at home now. However, when camping, this simple routine almost becomes a mission impossible. This is because coffee machines only work for a short time but consume a relatively high amount of energy. And often when we go camping we don’t bring a gas power generator with us. But with our espresso machine you can serve coffee to all campers without problems. As the solar generator has enough energy to run your new Solar-Powered Portable Coffee Maker efficiently for long time.
The solar panels produce 400W and the battery has a storage capacity of 800Wh. More than enough power to run your coffee maker all day. And a power reserve of over 80 cups of coffee for cloudly days.


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