Solar Powered Food Truck Model T

Solar Powered Food Truck for Sale Ford Model T

14.900,00 $

Solar Powered Food Truck for Sale Ford Model T

14.900,00 $

Start your mobile food business with the Solar Powered Food Truck. An elegant electric food truck that combines the noble design of the famous Ford Model T car with innovative technologies such as electric drive and solar battery charging system

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The Solar Powered Food Truck is a unique mobile food truck with the kitchen powered by solar energy and the design of the classic Ford Model T. An elegant electric food truck that combines the noble design of the famous car with multiple innovative technologies such as electric drive and flexible solar panels. Our food truck is becoming the most desirable mobile bar for private events, weddings, high-end hotels, golf courses, resorts, parks. It also offers an exceptional mobile vending experience and ensures great comfort.

Solar Powered Food Truck for Sale Ford Model T Style Guidelines

The solar powered food truck is equipped with flexible 600 W solar panels and a large set of batteries. Starting in the morning with charged batteries, you have 6000 Wh at your disposal. On sunny days, working until sunset, you can count on an additional 6000 Wh of electricity from the solar panel system. In total, you have 12000 Wh of electricity available, enough to power refrigerators, coffee machines and other kitchen accessories. Of course, if you need special equipment, you can add more solar panels and connect them to your truck’s solar generator. Obviously, you have to choose the right amount of solar panels depending on the amount of energy needed for your work.

Solar Powered Food Truck Technical Specifications

Motor: 5000 W brushless motor
Controller: Curtis
Battery: 8600Wh maintenance-free battery
Max speed: 40 Km/h (24 miles per hour)
Range: 100 Km (62 miles)
Climbing capacity: 30%
Charger: input 110V – 220V on board smart charging system
Loading Capacity: 600 Kg (1300 lbs)
Dimensions: 4000 x 1500 x 1900 mm (157 x 59 x 75 inches)
Weight: 620 Kg (1360 lbs)

Ford Model T Food Truck Features

Frame: high-strong steel
Roof: canvas and SunPower solar panels
Front windshield: AS1 certified laminated windshield
Seat: artificial leather seat with headrest USA DOT certified seatbelts
Lights and signal: headlights, turn lights, tail lights, brake lights, electric horn and reversing buzzer
Brakes: front disc brake, rear:drum brake
Suspension: front and rear hydraulic shock absorber
Driving mode: motor direct driving
Wheels: aluminum alloy rims

Why To Run Solar Powered Food Truck Business

Today, food trucks are becoming increasingly popular both on the street and at trade fairs and events. In every city there is at least one food truck that offers ice cream, coffee, hot dogs, pizza and other delicacies. As we all know, the preservation and preparation of food always requires a large consumption of electricity. Until recently, the most popular solution for powering refrigerators, coffee machines, deep fryers and other equipment was a gasoline power generator. But this solution, in addition to fuel consumption, is little appreciated for the noise and exhaust gases that do not go well with the tasting of a dish. The right solution is our solar powered food truck equipped with solar panels on the roof to generate the electricity needed for your mobile vending business. To success, just find a strategic location and start making money!

Food Truck Mobile Kitchen

What is Included in Solar Powered Food Truck for Sale

Electric powered food truck
Solar canopy
Water sinks
Battery set

Other Accessories will be Installed on Request

BBQ grill, boiler, frier, gas stove, refrigerator, coffee maker, juicer, smoothie maker, crepes maker, pasta cooker, ice cream machine, freezer, extra solar panels.

Solar Powered Food Truck Bar Equipment

Food Truck Customized Design

We are ready to customize the body image of your electric food truck according to your needs and create your personalized truck for sale.


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