Solar powered electric boat for cruising & fishing

Solar Powered Electric Boat for Cruising & Fishing

3.580,00 $

Solar Powered Electric Boat for Cruising & Fishing

3.580,00 $

The Solar-powered Electric Boat is an inflatable boat with the awning covered with solar panels and powered by an electric motor. Ideal for cruising and fishing.
Motor power: 2000 W

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Solar Powered Electric Boat is an inflatable motor boat ideal for family cruising and weekend fishing. A very stable boat with a 2000 Watt outboard electric motor and a nice solar panel canopy. There is a great demand for electric propulsion nowadays which offers a pleasure cruise without generating noise and harmful emissions. All with high efficiency, low purchase costs, and zero maintenance. The solar powered boat comes ready to cruise with all plug and play parts including inflatable boat, electric motor, SunPower flexible solar panel awning, solar controller, easy carry and storage bags.

Solar Powered Electric Boat Uses and Users

With an integral design approach to efficient solar electric propulsion on water, our engineers have built a fully fuel independent solar electric motor boat ideal for leisure and sport. The electric solar boat with solar panels is suitable for lakes, rivers, sea harbours and coastline. Great as a tender’s ship, family cruising, fishing, and boat rental industry.

Solar Powered Electric Boat for Cruising & Fishing Features

Material: PVC with thickness of 1.2 mm
Length: 3300 mm (11″)
Width exterior – interior: 1900 – 950 mm (6″ – 3″)
People capacity: 4
Weight capacity: 500 Kg (1100 lbs)

Electric marine solar motor boat

Outboard Electric Motor Specifications

Motor: Brushless (more efficiency and no maintenance)
Motor power: 2000 W (2.6 HP)
Decibel: < 50 db Propeller: 3 blade propeller Max speed: 15 Km/h (9.3 miles per hour) Motor size (LWH): 190 x 380 x 1160 mm (6.2 x 12.4 x 38")

Advantages of Solar Boat for Cruising & Fishing

With our solar inflatable boat, you can cruise with pure solar energy. Benefit from independence from the power outlet and petrol station. It can be used in remote areas where there is a shortage of electricity and in nature reserves where gasoline is prohibited. Solar energy offers great environmental benefits without leaving CO2 emissions, plus maintenance costs are only 10% of a fossil fuel powered boat.
Cruising all day without thinking about refueling
Cruising without noise and vibration
No smells
No fuel costs
Minimal maintenance

What is Included in Electric Solar Boat

Foldable inflatable boat
Solar canopy quick and easy to set up
SunPower marine solar panels (600 W)
Solar controller
Connectors and cable set
Outboard electric motor
Air pump
3 carry bags


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