Solar Panels Tracking System

590,00 $

Solar Panels Tracking System

590,00 $

Solar Panels Output: 200 W – 12 V.

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The Solar Panels Tracking System is a mini independent power plant designed to generate electricity for small devices. It takes only 2 mins to set up. Easy to transport. Easy to install. The dual axis controller will detect North/South/East/West directions and control the linear actuators to move, realizing the solar panel to always face to the sunlight from morning to evening. High efficiency of solar panels for the whole day. Optional a battery set for power storage.

Technical Specifications

Output Voltage: 12 V dc
Ouput Power: 200 W
Load: Lighting, refrigerator, mobile & tablet charging system
Material: Aluminum alloy
Operation temperature: -26°C / +60°C
Maintenance: Free maintenance
Lifetime: 20 year

Solar Panels Tracking System Advantages

Energy saving, environmental-friendly
Light weight and small size, easy to take and transport
High efficiency of flexible solar panels
High light capture area given by facing the sunlight for the whole day

Solar Panels Tracking System Kit Including

Flexible Panels, 4 pcs. 50 W each
Solar charger and controller
Cables with adaptor for charging phones, laptops, etc.
Stand for solar panels
Electronic box with light-sensor
Solar tracking linear actuators, 2 pcs. (North/South and East/West linear actuator)
Mounting brackets linear actuators