Solar Motorcycle Portable Battery Charger

Solar Motorcycle Battery Charger Portable Charger

1.960,00 $

Solar Motorcycle Battery Charger Portable Charger

1.960,00 $

Charge any type of Electric Motorcycle for free with this brand new solar portable battery charger with the power of the Sunpower folding solar panels.
Output Power of Solar Panels: 800 watts

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Today with the new Solar Motorcycle Battery Charger you can charge your electric motorcycle for free wherever you are. Always carry your portable charger with you when you go out on your motorcycle. Solar panels are lightweight and foldable, but deliver great power once unfolded. During your lunch break, set up the solar panels in the sun. The kit includes both solar panels and the controller with voltage regulator that allows you to charge any type of battery from 36 to 72 volts. This is the smallest and most efficient solar charger on the market with high conversion efficiency. In fact it is made with the best photovoltaic cells, Sunpower brand, and a variable voltage MPPT controller to regulate the output voltage to the battery.

Solar Motorcycle Battery Charger Technical Specifications

Output Power: 800 W
Output Voltage: from 36 to 72 V
Folded size: 860 x 430 x 140 mm
Open size: 3120 x 3440 x 30 mm
Weight: 26 Kg
Cable lengths: 8 m
Notes: recommended for electric motorcycle with 4.000 – 6.000 Wh battery power

Use of Solar Portable Battery Charger

No more range limits for your electric motorcycle with the portable solar battery charger!
Whenever you stop for a break, open the solar panels, place them in direct sunlight and connect them directly to the battery. You will recharge your motorcycle battery in 3 – 4 hours. To have maximum efficiency, our engineers have developed a controller that does not require the use of an inverter which would result in a loss of efficiency equal to 20%. With this charger you can go camping anywhere, even in remote and wild areas and charge the battery at every stop.

Why Use the Portable Motorcycle Battery Charger with Solar Panels


Folding solar panels
Solar controller
Practice bag
Connectors and cable set

Advantages of Riding a Solar Electric Motorcycle

Global mobility is turning into electric. Electricity is not only zero emission mobility, it is also pure adrenaline for high speed lovers. You can also have fun driving an electric motorcycle or electric car. In fact, after years and years of technical development by the main car manufacturers, today we can drive very high performance motorcycles and electric cars. They often have a top speed comparable to petrol cars and even better acceleration. An incredible level of performance and refinement unthinkable a few years ago. Above all, the electric motor offers 2 great advantages: unrivaled reliability and impressive acceleration.
After praising the performance, let’s move on to the well-known pains of electric vehicles. The price. Motorcycles and electric cars may seem very expensive compared to petrol ones, but the electric motor, having no parts subject to wear, does not require maintenance. The maintenance interventions concern exclusively tires and brakes. The gas station attendant is a distant memory and the cost of electricity is much lower than that of gasoline. And if you use solar panels to charge the battery, the full tank is free.

Our engineers have been able to develop a charger that is as small and easy to carry on a motorcycle when folded as it is powerful when it is open to the sun. if you are not sure if you are buying the right battery charger, you can contact our staff.


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