Solar Generator for Food Truck with Solar Panels

Solar Generator for Food Truck with Solar Panels

3.860,00 $

Solar Generator for Food Truck with Solar Panels

3.860,00 $

Power up your food truck with the all new Portable Power Station. With your Solar Generator for Food Truck you can operate a food truck or trailer easily and for free.
Solar Panels Power: 1600 W

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Whether you’re operating a food truck, go electric with confidence with the all-new Solar Generator for Food Truck. As it is a portable power station with flexible solar panels specially designed for the mobile food industry. First, the solar generator is quiet and powerful. It is in fact capable of producing 12 KWh of energy per day. Enough power to safely run all of the appliances in your food truck. Secondly it helps you significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Then the absence of emissions allows your customers to savor the dishes without the smell of burnt gas.
Given all these advantages, our engineers decided to develop an innovative portable power station for food truck and trailer. With the hope of converting some of the thousands of mobile trucks in our cities into eco-friendly solar-powered food trucks. So we decided to create a mobile and foldable structure equipped with flexible solar panels.

Portable Power Station with Solar Panels Uses and Users

This portable power station can be used on any type of food truck and trailer, from hot dog trucks to ice cream vans. As we have noticed that in the United States some chefs are already opting for solar-powered food trucks. In addition to being noticed for being environmentally friendly, in the long run they save a lot on petrol. Of course we don’t think all chefs can use our food truck solar generator. As it is only effective if you operate in an area with high solar radiation all year round. In fact, photovoltaic panels directly convert solar energy into electricity which will partially or completely power your food truck.

Solar Generator for Food Truck Guidelines

Today Food Trucks use portable generators powered by fossil fuels to get electricity necessary to power the on-board equipment. But starting tomorrow you can change the energy source you power your food truck with. In fact, with a click you can switch from fossil fuels to solar energy which is a renewable source. This way you can help save the planet before it’s too late. Because this portable power station lets you convert your old, polluting truck into a solar powered food truck. In fact, solar panels provide the electricity needed for your food truck’s appliances. And the excess energy produced by the solar panels is used to recharge the battery that kicks in when it’s cloudy.
With this simple portable solar power station you can go green without modifying your food truck. In addition to a large positive environmental impact, the solar generator creates a more pleasant environment. The first factor that is noticed is the absence of background noise. The second is the cleaner air with no emissions. Then, this solar-powered station is also suitable for domestic gardens and public parks because it is combustion free.

Why Solar Generator for Food Truck

Running a food truck is a very profitable business and this industry is growing massively. This Power Station is interesting both for those who are thinking of starting a new food truck business and for those who already have a food truck. In fact, the most common way to operate a food truck was to use a gas generator. But today you can get energy from the sun by simply installing solar panels.
To run a food truck, you need around 3000 W for 3 – 4 hours. But of course it depends on the size and number of appliances you have. So if you have a refrigerator, a blender and LED lighting, one kit is enough. If you have electric ovens and crepe machines you will need 2 power stations. So the first step in determining your power source is to know how many watts your mobile kitchen needs. Then you can size your solar generator. Your Solar Generator for Food Truck needs to perfectly match the needs of your mobile kitchen and power all of your appliances. Contact our team for advice.

Portable Power Station with Solar Panels Features

Body Materials: Steel and aluminum
Capacity: 12 KWh per day
Size (LWH): 2000 x 1000 x 2400 mm – 78.7 x 39.3 x 94.5 inch
Output Voltage: 110V – 220V AC outlets
Solar Panels: 1600 W flexible SunPower panels
Solar Controller: Solar charger and inverter are integrated for easy setup
Cable lengths: 10 m – 394 inch


Steel and aluminum structure
Steel base plate that functions as ballast
Solar panels
Inverter 110 – 220 V output
Plug & play connectors and cable set
Backup Lifepo battery

Whatever you need energy, Azure Solar Generator is the best solution for your Food Truck!


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