Solar EV Charging Station for Home

Solar EV Charging Station for Home

7.800,00 $

Solar EV Charging Station for Home

7.800,00 $

Install the brand new Solar EV Charging Station in your home and size the power according to your needs. The structure is modular and each module includes solar panels, inverter, EV wall box charging station, cables and connectors.
Solar power of each module: 4500 watts

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Install the state-of-the-art Solar EV Charging Station in your home and charge your electric vehicle for free forever! Indeed, with solar charging you promote ecological solutions and drive responsibly with 100% renewable energy. Since our engineers have developed the most effective solution for delivering free, clean solar energy directly into your EV. In addition to being very elegant and easy to install, this charging station has a modular and flexible structure. It is therefore possible to connect the solar station in different ways to best use it according to your needs. Whichever type of solar station you are interested in, it features a robust structure, highly efficient solar panels and state-of-the-art inverter. So what are you waiting for to order a solar EV charging station for your home? Just contact our staff to size the power of the photovoltaic solar panels according to your energy needs.

Advantages of Solar EV Charging Station for Home

Take advantage of the many benefits you have by installing a Solar Charging Station for Home. First of all you have a 100% self-sufficient solar power generation system. Then you can generate clean electricity and provide free charging during the day at your home or office. So you no longer have to worry about rising energy bills. In fact with your electric vehicle charging station you will free yourself from expensive grid bills.
Our Solar EV Charging Station is easy to install and is suitable for any area. First of all condominium car parks, villas and multi-family houses. But it is also good for parking areas of restaurants, offices, shops, hotels, resorts and guesthouses. Not forgetting remote areas and facilities with little or no access to the electricity grid. With the modular structure you can make the most of your land and maximize energy production according to your needs. You can also choose between a grid-connected solar station or a 100% grid-independent system. This choice depends on whether you just need to recharge your EV for your commute or if you need to fill up. And if you want to use the on-board AC charger or prefer to charge your EV in 30 minutes with the fast charging DC output.

How to Install Solar EV Charging Station in Your Home

And we begin to list the different configurations of the solar charging station starting from the simplest and cheapest. If you charge your EV during the day you can connect solar panels directly to your car via an inverter. On a sunny day you can fully charge your electric vehicle without spending a penny. Not bad right? While if you’re driving during the day, you’ll need to add a backup battery. So the electricity generated during the day is stored in the backup battery for the night-time charging session. Or opt for a grid-tied setup. In this way the solar panels power the utilities of your house during the day. You can also sell excess energy to the national grid, so you don’t have an increase in bill costs when you charge the EV at night.
The cost, in fact, compensates for the revenue from the energy sold during the day. But the most innovative solution is combine grid and solar power to boost the speed and efficiency of charging. In fact you can charge your electric car 6 times faster than a normal one wall socket. And at the same time take full advantage of your solar production and your domestic loads. Whatever your choice, with a Solar Charging Station you can charge your EV with renewable energy and maximize your savings.

Each Charging Station Module Includes the Following Items

Stylish solar carport
Foundation scheme, support poles, cross beam tubes, mounting racks, assemblies, connectors and clamps
Solar panels: 450 W x 10 pcs.
Output power: 4500 W
Solar controller and Inverter
Stainless steel combiner box
Photovoltaic dc cables and MC4 connectors
110 – 220 V AC outlet
Installation manual
Energy storage system with LiFePO4 battery on request
DC fast charging socket on request


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