Solar Carport Kit for Commercial Solar Structures

Solar Carport Kit for Commercial Solar Structures

36.600,00 $

Solar Carport Kit for Commercial Solar Structures

36.600,00 $

With the brand new Commercial Solar Carport Kit designed for solar parking structures you can transform any commercial parking area into a delightful solar carport that produces energy for free.
Solar panels: 550W x 180 pcs.
Controller: solar controller with integrated hybrid inverter
EV Charging stations: 7KW x 12 pcs.

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This brand new Solar Carport Kit has been designed specifically to facilitate the construction of commercial solar structures. So today you can easily install a commercial solar carport in your store’s parking lot and increase customers. In fact, a solar carport is a fantastic marketing tool, especially if equipped with solar panels and fast chargers for electric vehicles. Because consumers are attracted by the possibility of charging their car and this guarantees an increase in business. From the first days you will notice the increase in the number of satisfied customers thanks to the installation of solar panels.

A Commercial Solar Carport can provide a clean, reliable and free source of energy. And you can easily mount it on any existing parking area or asphalt ground. In fact, the solar carport consists of a steel load-bearing structure anchored to the ground. And solar panels mounted on the roof of the structure. In addition to producing clean electricity, the Solar Carport Kit also offers other benefits. In fact, the solar structures keep cars and people dry during rain or snow and provide shade from the sun. So the solar carport turns underutilized outdoor space into an economic advantage.

What’s Included in the Commercial Solar Carport Kit

Solar panels: 550W x 180 pcs. for a total 99.000 W
Controller: solar controller with integrated hybrid inverter
Fast charging stations: 7KW x 12 pcs. EV Chargers
Accessories: solar panels combiner box, cables and plug-and-play connectors

Advantages of Commercial Solar Carport Structures

All commercial companies can greatly benefit from installing commercial solar carport structures in their parking lots. As these solar systems provide both the solar energy needed for the business and shade for their customers’ and employees’ cars! In short, solar car parks are elevated canopies built to cover existing parking areas. Additionally, they offer more efficient use of space than ground mounted panels because they do not waste additional land. So today many companies have embraced the idea of installing huge solar canopies for parking lots.

Also because the solar carport structures look elegant and can come in different layouts and sizes. And Solar Carport Structures can be small for a single car or large enough to cover dozens of parking rows. In addition to generating electricity, they protect cars and prevent damage caused by sun, wind, rainwater and snow. From simple single car home solar carport to commercial structures, our solar carports are the right choice.

Where to Install Solar Parking Structures

Photovoltaic Commercial Solar Carports provide cool shade and generate solar energy at the same time. That’s why it’s one of the fastest growing trends in the solar industry. Indeed the solar shelters exploit all the potential of the large car parks located near shopping centers but not only. Obviously the most widespread use of solar panels is in the car parks of supermarkets, factories, offices and restaurants. But they are also convenient in condominium car parks, resorts and guest houses, hospitals, stadiums and conference centers. And they cannot be missing in remote areas without an electricity grid.

This 100KW Commercial Solar Carport Kit Includes the Following Elements

This 100KW Solar Carport Kit consists of 182 solar panels of 550W each, controller/inverter, 12 EV Chargers of 7KW each. The 550W high efficiency PV module solar panel is ideal for both residential and commercial rooftop systems. As well as being compatible with ground mounting. In fact, half-cut cell technology offers countless advantages.

First of all we point out the very high efficiency of the photovoltaic module equal to 21.3%. This is thanks to the new circuit design, lower internal current, lower Rs loss Ga dopped wafer. Secondly, the low energy degradation which is limited to 0.55% per year. Third, the excellent A-PID performance, 2 times of industry standard. In addition to the low value of LCOE offering a 2% more energy production. Fourth, the risk of hot spot is greatly reduced thanks to the innovative circuit design. Fifth, compatibility with both on-grid and off-grid inverters. Sixth, the 12-year guarantee on materials and workmanship. Finally we highlight the 25 years of useful life.

Solar Panel Mechanical Specifications

Cell Type : Monocrystalline
Cell Dimension : 182 x182 mm
Cell Arrangement : 144 (6 x 24)
Weight : 29 kg
Module Dimension : 2279 x 1134 x 35 mm
Cable Length : Portrait 350 mm / Customized
Cable Cross Section Size : TUV: 4 mm2
Front Glass : 3.2 mm AR Coating Tempered Glass
No. of Bypass Diodes : 3/6
Frame: Anodized Aluminium Alloy
Junction Box : IP68 Waterproof Level

Solar Panel Electrical Specifications

Maximum Power (Pmax/W) : 550
Operating Voltage (Vmp/V) : 41.6
Operating Current (Imp/A) : 13.23
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc/V) : 49.8
Short-Circuit Current (Isc/A) : 13.99
Module Efficiency (%) : 21.3
Power Tolerance (W) : 0~+5
Notes: Irradiance 1000W/m2, Module temperature 25°C, AM=1.5

Performance at NMOT

Maximum Power (Pmax/W) : 410
Operating Voltage (Vmp/V) : 38.8
Operating Current (Imp/A) : 10.58
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc/V) : 46.6
Short-Circuit Current (Isc/A) : 46.6
Notes: Irradiance 800W/m2, Ambient temperature 20°C, AM=1.5, Wind speed 1m/s

Operating Conditions

Maximun System Voltage : 1000V/1500V/DC(IEC)
Operating Temperature : – 40°C to + 85°C
Maximun Series Fuse : 25A
Static Loading Snow Loading : 5400 Pa / Wind Loading: 2400 Pa
Conductivity at Ground : = 0.1 Ohm
Safety Class : II
Resistance : = 100 M Ohm
Connector : MC4 compatible

Temperature Coefficient

Temperature Coefficient Pmax: – 0.34% / °C
Temperature Coefficient Voc : – 0.25% / °C
Temperature Coefficient Isc : + 0.040% / °C
NMOT : 43 ± 2°C

You Can Charge 12 E-cars at the same time with this 100 KW Solar Carport Kit

Park your electric car in the shade of the solar carport. Then connect to the charging port and touch the screen to start charging. So go into the store and make your purchases. When you leave the store, your e-car has refueled and your next destination awaits. Because this 100KW Solar Carport is the most practical and flexible charging station for domestic and commercial structures. In fact, the 12 x 7 KW chargers allow you to charge 12 electric cars simultaneously. And 7 KW is a power that reduces charging time without damaging your car battery.

7 KW EV Charger Features

Voltage: 220 – 400V
Current: 16 / 32 A (Type2), 48 A (Type1)
Power: 7 KW
Connection: Type1
RCD: Type A / RCMU (Type A+DC 6mA Optional)
Communication: Wifi / Bluetooth
Display: LCD 3.5 inch screen
Certification Mark: CE

Why Choose Commercial Solar Parking Structures

There are several advantages to installing a Commercial Solar Carport System. The first of all is that solar power is clean energy. Secondly, it gives you a great return on investment and reduces your company’s operating costs. In fact, a solar car park reduces future energy bills and provides coverage against rising energy costs. Third, the commercial solar carport kit increases the value of your property and allows you to obtain tax credits. Fourth, if you install solar panels you can benefit from local and government incentive programs tailored to your area. Last but not least, the solar carport communicates the positive message to your customers that your company is environmentally conscious.

For professional assistance don’t hesitate to contact us. An engineer from our staff will be happy to assist you with all aspects of the design and set up of your Commercial Solar Carport.


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