Solar BikePort Bike Parking & Charging Station

Solar BikePort Bike Parking & Charging Station

9.680,00 $

Solar BikePort Bike Parking & Charging Station

9.680,00 $

Install the brand new Solar Bikeport now and start charging your electric bike for free. The Bikeport is in fact a self-sufficient bike park and an ecological charging station.
Solar Panels: 2200 Watts

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Parking bicycles made easy with our brand new Solar BikePort, a smart bike parking and environmentally friendly charging station. As our bike rack is equipped with a solar canopy capable of charging electric bikes and scooters. So while you park your motorized two-wheelers in the bikeport, you can fill up with green electricity. Yes, you got it right. While you go for a coffee, the solar panels capture the sun’s energy and converts it into electricity. And the built-in solar controller can charge your electric bike with 100% clean energy and free! Indeed, in recent years, we have noticed a widespread trend towards electric mobility. And above all the demand for fast and possibly self-sufficient charging stations.

So our engineers developed this free-standing bicycle charging station designed to work both off-grid and connected to the mains. We were in fact the forerunners of small self-sufficient photovoltaic systems, very flexible and easy to install. In addition, this revolutionary bikeport has an elegant and very discreet design that fits well into any environment.

Park and Charge your Bike for FREE with Our New Solar BikePort

Do you want to charge your bike or scooter for free, using solar energy? The Solar Bikeport is the most appropriate solution to meet your needs. Solar bikeports are in fact installations with photovoltaic panels that provide shelter for bikes while they are parked for charging.

In detail, the Solar Bikeport consists first of all of a slightly inclined roof to optimize the yield of the solar panels. Then a bike rack to tie up the bikes and a secure locker to store the helmet and other items. Last but not least, a backup battery inside the base. During the day, the electricity generated by the solar panels is more than enough to charge the parked bicycles. Then the excess solar energy is stored in the battery for night use.

Therefore thanks to the battery it is not necessary to connect the bikeport to the mains, and this makes the installation much easier. And to make the implementation even easier, our engineers have developed a plinth that serves as a foundation. It is the perfect solution for those looking for ease of installation and commissioning without foundation works. Our team can design any kind of next generation solar bikeport. And tailored to your energy needs and requirements.

Bike Parking and Charging Station Project for Municipalities

Municipalities can install one or more Solar Bikeports for FREE! They just have to find a square or a street with a large turnout where to place the bikeport. And the Bike Parking and Charging Station can offer free charging to all riders. As profits are ensured by billboards installed on the side panels of the bikeport. In fact, once installed, the parking station has no usage costs. And advertising revenues are able to pay off the cost of the solar bikeport in a few months. So after a few months the city reports a net gain of a few thousand dollars a month. It is a win-win model. From residents who can charge their electric vehicles for free, to administrators who dress up promoting renewable energy.

So everyone is happy, even advertisers who see their brand associated with a very useful and ecological initiative. With bikeports we are redesigning the mobility hubs of the future. Advertising pays for fuel to people who move around the city. Doesn’t that seem possible to you? Contact our sales office to find out more.

Solar BikePort Technical Specifications

Durable galvanized steel frame
Solar panels: 2200 Watts (4 x 550 W)
Stationary battery
LED lights for safety and convenience at night
Four bike anchor poles for safe storage of bikes and scooters
Four metal boxes with padlock for storing the helmet and other personal items
Bike charging socket: 4 x 110 V – 230 V outputs
USB sockets

The Solar BikePort Comes With with Half-cut Monocrystalline 550W Solar Panels

The solar BikePort features cutting-edge solar panels, half-cut cell technology with a 550W photovoltaic module. Among the countless advantages, we highlight the very high efficiency of the photovoltaic module equal to 21.3%. This is possible thanks to the new circuit design and low internal current which reduces the risk of hot spots. Secondly, the low energy degradation which is limited to 0.55% per year. Third, the excellent A-PID performance, 2 times higher than the industry standard. Finally, we highlight the 12-year guarantee on materials and workmanship and the 25-year useful life of the solar panels.

Benefits of Solar BikePort

  • Easy installation: Just lay it on the ground and get started. No need for foundation work.
  • Completely pre-assembled: The bikeport comes mechanically and electrically pre-assembled. Just plug and play.
  • 100% self-contained: the solar bikeport is self-contained, with power supplied by the solar panels on the roof.
  • Great flexibility: it’s good for charging both electric scooters and electric bikes.
  • Energy saving: you can charge more than 40 electric bikes a day for free.
  • Reduction of CO2: with solar bikeports you no longer need the electricity grid to charge electric bikes.
  • Further advantages: the canopy protects the e-bikes from the bad weather and the lockable box protects the bikes from theft.
  • Visual appearance: solar bikeports look great and blend into any environment.

Install the Solar Parking and Charging Station Today

The bikeport offers everything a biker needs for their commute or weekend excursion. It is in fact a parking lot where cyclists can fasten their bikes and deposit their helmets in complete safety. In addition of course to charging the electric bike. So for security reasons, we have set up a surveillance camera to monitor the area in front of the solar station. While for greater comfort, we have set up a Wi-Fi station that allows cyclists to access the Internet while charging. Since this Solar BikePort does not require foundation works or connection to the electricity grid, it can be installed anywhere. Both in the main city squares and in the parking areas of shops and offices. It is also modular too.

The standard bikeport is designed for four e-bikes, but you can easily add more units and assemble them into a larger system. Furthermore, via the Internet it is possible to monitor the production of energy and the charging of the bikes. If you are still undecided about the advantages offered by our bikeport, contact a communication agency in your area. And ask how much you would earn by renting them the side spaces of the solar station. So you won’t be in doubt about when to install the bikeport.


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