Prosecco Tuk Tuk Van & Mobile Bar Hire for Weddings

Prosecco Tuk Tuk Van & Mobile Bar Hire for Weddings

14.900,00 $

Prosecco Tuk Tuk Van & Mobile Bar Hire for Weddings

14.900,00 $

If you run a mobile bar hire business for weddings you can’t miss this charming Prosecco Tuk Tuk Van. Because this electric tuk tuk is the most loved mobile bar for serving Prosecco around! From casual birthdays to luxury weddings, there’s always time for a glass of Prosecco.
Motor power: 1500 W
Max Speed: 45 Km/h electronically limited (28 miles per hour)

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With this fascinating Prosecco Tuk Tuk Van you can offer amazing mobile bar services for weddings and milestone events. Because this Tuk Tuk is specially designed for those who run a mobile bar and Prosecco van business. If you’re in love with the concept of a mobile wine bar, this Piaggio Ape style van is for you. In fact it is suitable for serving wines, Aperol spritz cocktails and obviously Prosecco. Whether it’s about music festivals and memorable weddings, this van gives guests a joyful and unique experience. For your convenience, we have preconfigured this van to serve Prosecco, wine, and draft beer.

With this mobile bar, you’re sure to add some character to weddings and luxury events. Everyone will definitely remember you and your mobile bar for years to come. Even if it’s an indoor party, Prosecco Tuk Tuk can be there to ensure everyone has a delicious drink at hand. Because it is small enough to fit in most spaces and the motor is electric. So, unlike all other vans, it makes no noise and has no emissions.

Mobile Prosecco Van Features

With the Prosecco Tuk Tuk Van you can offer a fun, friendly and at the same time refined mobile bar service. You can organize any type of service, from intimate home parties to wedding receptions with hundreds of guests. Even that corporate event where presentation and service are everything, because you always bring something special that makes every event unique. The Prosecco bar is a stylish three-wheeled electric van that can be easily decorated and embellished to suit the atmosphere of the occasion. The compact size allows it to fit in most event spaces, making it perfect for garden parties and weddings.

With this mobile bar you can serve dozens of bottles of frozen Prosecco because you have 2 large refrigerators at your disposal. Guests can be served by a member of staff or enjoy pouring their own glass of delicious sparkling wine. If you want to offer your guests beer in addition to Prosecco, you can use 2 refrigerated draft beer dispensers.

Prosecco Tuk Tuk Van Technical Specifications

Stainless Steel Finishing: stainless steel worktop, no rust, no corrosion, long service life
Water System: hand sink with sensor tap, clear and black water tanks
Flexible Solar Panels: solar panels on the roof (optional)
Frame: hi-ten steel
Brakes: front and rear drum brakes
Lights: front and tail led light
Loading capacity: 500 Kg (1102 lb)
Dimensions (LWH): 3200 x 1400 x 1900 mm (126 x 55 x 75 inch)
Certification: CE/COC

Power Unit

Motor Power: 1500 W
Max Speed: 45 Km/h (28 miles per hour) Electronically limited
Range: 100 Km (62 miles) Extended if equipped with solar panels
Charger: 110/220 V – 50/60 Hz (solar panels optional)

Prosecco Tuk Tuk Van Uses and Users

The Prosecco Tuk Tuk Van is the right choice for those looking for a unique and fascinating Mobile Bar Hire for Weddings and Events. In fact, this Ape Piaggio style tricycle is a mobile wine bar, suitable for serving champagne, wine, beer and cocktails. With the Prosecco Tuk Tuk you can take care of your guests and satisfy all their bubbles needs, from Prosecco and Champagne to draft beer. Whatever your next event, the Prosecco Van is that extra element to make the party unforgettable and leave your guests amazed

How Prosecco Tuk Tuk Was Born

The Tuk Tuk is a three-wheeled motor vehicle used to transport passengers, foodstuffs and various goods in the last century. The Tuk Tuk was developed by converting a motorcycle into a tricycle with a support platform. Today no one uses the Tuk Tuk to move goods anymore, but this cute little van is having a new life as a food truck. Among the numerous models and brands, the Piaggio Ape was the best-known and best-selling tricycle in Italy. So our designers took inspiration from the design of this tricycle to develop the Prosecco Tuk Tuk, but bringing numerous innovations.

First of all the replacement of the petrol engine with an efficient and silent electric motor. In addition to being environmentally friendly, electric vans have low running costs and do not require maintenance. So now there is an innovative Tuk Tuk on the market ready to be used to serve Prosecco and Champagne at weddings and corporate events.

Why Mobile Prosecco Bar Hire

Today having the Prosecco Tuk Tuk Van to delight and surprise guests during the events is cool and offers many advantages. First of all, this van has the perfect size to access small internal spaces but at the same time is clearly visible to be noticed from the outside. Secondly, the attractive design makes the Tuk Tuk perfect for weddings and birthdays, as well as music festivals and high-end corporate events. Third, with the Mobile Bar Hire you can offer a personalized service that makes every couple’s special day exciting. Fourth, the Prosecco Van makes any event stand out. In fact, your Prosecco Tuk Tuk Van will forever remain a memory in the photos shared by guests on social media.

What Is Included in the Prosecco Tuk Tuk

Three-wheeled van powered by electric motor
Two refrigerator / freezer
Draft beer system
Water sink
Radio and wi-fi system in order to attract customers (optional)

How Is Prosecco Different from Champagne?

Prosecco is a semi-dry sparkling white wine with fruity fragrances produced in northern Italy. More precisely in Conegliano Valdobbiadene, a hilly area in the North-East of Italy, 50 km from Venice and about 100 km from the Dolomites. The grapes used to produce Prosecco have been grown in this area for more than 300 years. Prosecco is produced mainly with Glera grapes using the Martinotti method. In fact, Glera grapes must make up at least 85% of the wine, but winemakers can add other grapes to create a unique house style.

The process begins in stainless steel tanks, where CO2 bubbles naturally form in the wine. Prosecco producers aim to preserve the natural aromas of the grape, so the resulting wines are full of youthful, fruity flavors. And that’s thanks to the fact that it doesn’t spend any time ageing. Common tasting notes include pear, peach, melon, honeysuckle, jasmine and pear candy. It has high acidity and medium-low alcohol content (11-12%).

Customize the Prosecco Tuk Tuk to Suit Your Wedding Design

A Mobile Prosecco Bar is an increasingly popular way to keep your guests’ glasses full during the event. The Prosecco Tuk Tuk adapts perfectly to all spaces, both external and internal, and always adds a touch of eccentric class to any event. Indeed, nothing says celebration like the sound of bottles popping and glasses fizzing. To amaze guests even more, we are ready to customize the bodywork of your Prosecco Tuk Tuk. This way you will have the Mobile Tuk Tuk Bar in harmony with the style of the wedding.


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