Portable Solar Water Pump on Wheels

Portable Solar Water Pump on Wheels

2.980,00 $

Portable Solar Water Pump on Wheels

2.980,00 $

From today you can improve the lives of people living in remote villages with this Portable Solar Water Pump mounted on a trailer. This water pump on wheels can be towed by both a car and a bicycle.
Solar panels output power: 1000 W
Water pump power: 800 W (1 HP)

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With the Portable Solar Water Pump on Wheels you can improve the lives of people who live in remote areas. As this trailer is equipped with a water pump driven by solar panels which ensures water even in remote areas. Thus even small remote villages can rely on water both for personal use and for irrigation. Our researchers have designed and developed an easy-to-move solar water pumping trailer. In fact it is compact, light and can be towed by a tractor, a car or even a bicycle. So you can move this solar pump easily from one farm to another and allow all farmers to irrigate all year round. The trailer with oversized wheels is extremely useful especially for small farmers who do not have large capital. Because villages can come together and pool funds to purchase and use equipment on a shared basis.

Portable Solar Water Pump Uses and Users

The trailer equipped with portable solar pump is a self-sufficient mobile irrigation system. It is in fact composed of solar panels integrated into a river pump mounted on a trailer containing a water tank. So when you need water you can easily move the pump and take it near the river, lake or well. For this reason the solar pump on wheels represents the most sustainable and modern solution to cover the water needs of farmers and communities. Especially in remote areas of developing countries. As you know water and its storage are a priority in many areas of the earth. Especially in latitudes where there is drought for most months of the year. Since water is essential for farmers who want to plant and grow fruits and vegetables. Products they need for their very survival. But farmers can often rely only on rain to irrigate their fields.

Why Mobile Water Pump on Wheels

The solar pump on wheels was created to support small farmers in rural areas. Until yesterday, those who could purchase a water pump could only purchase pumps with a diesel engine. Or alternatively with a 110 or 220 V alternating current electric motor. But very often rural areas have no electricity grid and are very far from petrol stations. We have therefore developed the innovative solar-powered mobile water pump. They are 100% autonomous and pump water without the need for fuel or electricity.

Portable Solar Water Pump Features

All parts, solar panels, controller, charger, water pump come in a 3 oversized wheels trailer. The solar water pump takes less 20 mins to set up, and it can be moved and used in several sites. The power of this plant is 1000 W. (The production of energy is calculated for 1.000 W / m2 solar irradiation power).

Solar Panels

The power system mounted on this trailer includes a tilting roof that follows the sun. This allows the solar panels to always work with maximum efficiency and with the output power of 1,000 W for 10 hours a day. For a total of 10.000 W per day. Plus, for easy installation and use, the solar charger and controller are integrated, and all connections are plug & play.

Pump Motor

The pump features a high-efficiency 800W (1HP) DC motor that requires no maintenance. Plus it is built to run for years without the need for a mechanic. And the high torque and power capacity allows for a wide flow and pressure range.

Water Pump

The solar water pump is very sturdy and built to work for years with very low maintenance. Although small and compact, it can lift water up to 60 meters (262 foot) and produce more than 50.000 liters per day (13208 US gallon). The output per day can be increased if pumping hours are extended with a battery. If you have the possibility to draw water from the well, we provide a submersible pump instead of the surface one.


The solar-powered pump works with solar panels and an integrated control unit. The task of the controller is to guarantee both the operation of the motor and the charging of the battery. Thus during sunny hours the pump runs on solar energy, while in the evening the battery provides additional energy. Furthermore, the operation of the pumping system is facilitated by the integrated water flow and tank overflow sensors. These allow you to mount the pump and automate the water storage and irrigation system. And we can also provide the pay-as-you-go app.

Advantages of the Portable Pump on Wheels

In areas where solar radiation is very high and available all year round it makes no sense to think of a diesel-powered water pump. Because even if the diesel pump costs more, the solar pump is the winning choice. First of all, it is eco-friendly. Secondly, it is a lightweight and portable water pump. Therefore it is easily shareable between the various adjacent villages. Third, it is easy to install, use and maintain. Quick and easy setup with plug connectors. Fourth, you don’t have to worry about having to go to town to buy fuel every day. With a great saving of time and money. Finally, you will not face maintenance costs. Because the electric motor can run for years without the need for a mechanic. By adding a water treatment system, you can transform the water of any well or river into potable water.

This solar powered water pump offers the highest system efficiency on the market. That’s why we offer a 2-year warranty on the trailer and pump and a 10-year warranty on solar panels.

Water Pump Trailer Includes

Hi-Teen steel trailer with 400 Kg load capacity to store water in water tanks
Solar panels
Solar water pump
Water level sensor and float switch
Cables for solar panels
Solar charger for a battery for night use (it can be standard 12V car battery)
Battery is not included