Portable solar power generator for home

Portable Solar Power Generator for Home

1.590,00 $

Portable Solar Power Generator for Home

1.590,00 $

The Portable Solar Power Generator is an innovative power station which includes portable solar panels, inverter, battery, and is ideal as backup battery at home.
Output power: 1500 watt

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Portable Solar Power Generator is a power supply that stores electricity produced by solar panels in its battery and brings clean, portable green power when you need it. The solar generator does not require gas and for this reason, it can be used outdoors and indoors. This lightweight, practical, small in size solar generator is ideal as backup battery at home or in the office, in the event of a snow storm, camping, or other outdoor events.

Advantages of Portable Solar Power Generator

  • You can fully charge the 1500 W power kit with the 240 W solar panel in 8 hours of sunshine.
  • You can adjust the solar panel for optimum sun positioning.
  • The solar panel is foldable for easy carrying.
  • The portable power station has a 110 – 220 V socket (pure sine wave) with 1500 W output suitable for all electrical devices up to 1500 W such as fridge, TV, cooling box, notebook, smartphone, etc.
  • With the pass-through charging system you can connect simultaneously your loads while the power station is charged with the sun.

Portable Solar Power Generator Features

  • Great flexibility.
  • Solar panel with high effiency conversion rate up to 23%.
  • Super endurance li-ion battery.
  • Built-in solar charging controller with a software algorithm to achieve fast charging.
  • Pure sine wave ac output.
  • LCD display.
  • High protection including high voltage protection, output short circuit protection, overload protection, battery temperature control, over-charge protection, over-discharge protection.
  • LED lights.
  • Different charging methods, solar panel charging or 110-220 V power grid.

Technical Specifications

Solar panel power: 240 watt
Battery power: 420.000 mAh
Work for load power of 1500 watt
Working temperature from -10°C to +50°C
Power station weight: 14 Kg

Power Generator Output

DC output: USB 1: 5V – 3A (4 ports)
DC output: 12V – 8A (2 ports)
AC output: 110V – 60Hz or 220V – 50Hz

Why Azure Portable Solar Power Generator for Home

Save a lot of money compared to gasoline generator
Small size with folding solar panel and lightweight
High efficiency photovoltaic panels with long service life
Easy to use with plug and play connectors


Folding solar panels
Power energy storage kit with battery, controller and inverter
Connectors and cable set


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