Portable Solar Panels for EV charging

Portable Solar Panels for EV Charging

1.980,00 $

Portable Solar Panels for EV Charging

1.980,00 $

Enter the world of Portable Solar Panels for EV Charging and discover how easy and fast it is to charge your electric vehicle with solar energy.
Output Power of Solar Panels: 800 watts
Solar Inverter Output: 110V – 220V ac


With the brand new Portable Solar Panels for EV Charging you can charge any electric vehicle wherever you are. Because these flexible solar panels can produce the energy needed to charge the battery of your electric motorcycle or minicar. So from today you can use your light electric vehicle even in remote areas where you don’t have an electrical outlet available. During sunny hours it will be sufficient to connect the charging cable of your EV to the inverter for a few hours. This way you can move around without spending a cent by taking advantage of the energy produced by solar panels. Clean and free energy! Electric vehicles, in fact, are much more efficient than gas ones and have management costs close to zero. Especially when you fill the battery with solar energy. Additionally, pairing an EV with solar panels significantly reduces carbon emissions.

How Portable Solar Panels Work

In recent years, portable solar panels have become increasingly popular as a convenient and environmentally friendly solution for generating electricity on the go. These devices, in fact, are very light, compact and quick to install. That’s because they were designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and homeowners who need to occasionally supplement their energy needs. Portable solar panels for electric vehicles are similar in operation to traditional solar panels you might see on rooftops. But they are foldable and much lighter for easy transportation. So you can always take these solar panels with you whenever you leave the house, when you go camping, fishing or on weekend picnics.

Like traditional panels, portable solar panels work by transforming sunlight into electrical energy through the photovoltaic effect. This process involves the use of solar cells, made from semiconductor materials such as silicon. When sunlight hits solar cells, it excites electrons within the material, causing them to flow and generate an electric current. This direct current is then passed through an inverter which transforms it into 110V or 220V alternating current. You will thus be able to power all your electronic devices or charge the battery of your EV as if you were at home.

Technical Specifications of Portable Solar Panels for EV Charging

Material: ETFE, EVA, ultra light carbon fiber, waterproof fabric case
Carbon fiber material, Ultra light, Multiinterface solar system
Output Power: 800 W (2 x 400 W foldable solar panels)
Solar Inverter Output: 110V – 220V ac
High efficiency: conversion rate up to 23%
Open Size: 4678 x 930 x 27 mm – 194 x 36.6 x 1 inch
Folded Size: 590 x 930 x 100 mm – 23.2 x 36.6 x 4 inch
Weight: 19.6 Kg – 42 lb
Recommended for light electric vehicles up to 4000 Wh battery capacity.

Which EV Can You Charge with Portable Solar Panels

Nowadays, modern solar panels are powerful enough to provide the energy needed to power an electric vehicle. However, the amount of energy you can get from portable solar panels depends on the duration of exposure to sunlight and the size of the solar panels. To find out if these portable solar panels are suitable for charging your electric vehicle you need to check the battery capacity. These 800W portable solar panels are ideal for charging batteries with a capacity of 4000 Wh. In conclusion, portable EV solar panels are the innovative, clean, efficient and sustainable energy solution for charging your electric vehicle on the go. Because the foldable design allows for convenient storage and transportation, while the IP67 rating ensures it can withstand the elements. But you have to choose the right solar panels ouput power for your battery. If you have any doubts, contact our support service.

Why Use Portable Solar Panels for EV Charging

There are many reasons to charge your light EV with solar panels. First and foremost, solar energy is the cleanest way to power a motor vehicle. Switching to an electric vehicle already means reducing emissions by eliminating the need for petrol and oil. But grid electricity still comes mostly from fossil fuels. While a handful of solar panels can provide enough energy to charge your electric vehicle. Secondly, solar energy is also a cheaper source than gasoline. And if you decide to use solar panels to charge your EV, you pay nothing.

Thirdly, from today you can charge your EV wherever you are with the sun. When you own an electric vehicle, every outlet is potentially a way to fill the tank. That is, putting a few extra miles into your car battery when you’re on the road. But when you stop you don’t always find a power outlet to charge your vehicle. There are basically three ways to get the charge that will keep your EV on the road. The grid, public charging stations or solar panels. And today you can use portable solar panels to charge your electric vehicle on the go.

Enter the World of Solar Panels for Charging Your Electric Vehicle

In the quest for clean, renewable energy, EVs have emerged as a powerful solution to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. But what if we could go a step further and harness the sun’s energy to charge our cars? Enter the world of portable solar panels for EV charging. They are a cutting-edge innovation designed to revolutionize the way we feed ours electronic devices and electric vehicles. Of course the concept of portable solar panels is a new and evolving world, but very fascinating. Already with today’s technology it is possible to charge many models of light electric vehicles on the move. Join us and discover the exciting potential of this sustainable technology that is transforming the future of electric transportation.


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