400W Folding Solar Panels for Camping

Portable Solar Panels for Camping 200W Solar Power

390,00 $

Portable Solar Panels for Camping 200W Solar Power

390,00 $

Enjoy camping and boating with these brand new foldable and portable solar panels for camping that can provide 200W of solar energy. Free energy, without harmful emissions and always available!
Power: 200 Watts
Voltage: 19 Volts

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Simplify your camping life with these brand new Portable Solar Panels for Camping capable of providing 200W of solar energy. Since these foldable solar panels are powerful enough to power a 12V portable refrigerator, a laptop, and LED lights. And if you need more power you can opt for the 400W version. Portable solar panels, in fact, are modular, customizable and extremely versatile. They are the perfect solution for generating energy quickly and efficiently both when camping and during other outdoor activities. These 200W solar panels are a great compromise between portability and power. Because they maximize solar yield and are very easy to install: operational in 1 minute. Foldable solar panels can power a refrigerator and other small loads or alternatively be coupled to a portable high-power station.

Working Principle of Portable Solar Panels for Camping

The working principle of portable solar panels is very simple and similar to traditional solar panels. Solar modules generate electricity using
sunlight and efficiency is maximum when the sun shines directly on the panels. Any deviation from the right angle will reduce the current delivered by the solar module. For this reason, if solar panels are mounted flat on the ground, the power delivery curve varies throughout the day. Low electricity production in the early morning, maximum production around midday and low production in the evening. To overcome the power reduction you can use the integrated stand which ensures optimal exposure to sunlight. In fact, you can place solar panels on the ground at a 45-degree angle to maximize solar exposure.

Technical Specifications of 200W Solar Panels

Material: ETFE, EVA, ultra light carbon fiber, waterproof fabric case
Carbon fiber material, Ultra light, Multiinterface solar system
Output Power: 200 W
High efficiency:conversion rate up to 23%
Vmp:19.4 V
Imp:10.3 A
Voc:24.5 V
Isc:11.1 A
Open Size: 2220 x 610 x 27 mm – 87.4 x 24 x 1 inch
Folded Size: 597 x 610 x 42 mm – 23.5 x 24 x 1.6 inch
Weight: 6 Kg – 13 lb

What Are Portable Solar Panels for Camping

Whether camping, boating, mobile homes or other outdoor activities, if you need energy, portable solar panels are the most suitable solution.
Because this solar system for camping consists of 4 ultra-light foldable solar panels enclosed in a suitcase with handle. So you can easily transport them wherever you want and have all the energy you need even in remote areas without the electricity grid. In addition to powering a refrigerator, foldable solar panels can be paired with a portable power station. This way on a sunny day you can store in the battery 2000Wh of energy to meet your power needs at night.

Advantages of 200W Flexible Solar Panels for Camping

From price to adaptability, there are many benefits to flexible solar panels. The 200 Watt solar panels are powerful enough to be used for off-grid applications. While classic solar panels are heavy and large, these panels are foldable they are light and easy to carry. And thanks to its high power and lightness, they find wide application in camping and boating. In fact, these portable solar panels can withstand the harsh outdoor environment and reach IP68 waterproofness.

Folding Solar Panels Kit

Add a Portable Solar Power Station for Your Nighttime Energy Needs

As you can see, these 200W portable solar panels are lightweight, small and easy to install. In addition to charging your smartphone or iPad, our camping solar panels are very suitable for charging an electric scooter or a power station. And with the 200 watts of power you can easily charge a power station with up to 3000 Wh battery. This way you can also power the refrigerator, a coffee maker and an electric stove during the night.


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