Plug & Play Solar Panels Off Grid Solar Power System

1.590,00 $

Plug & Play Solar Panels Off Grid Solar Power System

1.590,00 $

Plug and play 1000 W solar panels with solar controller, inverter, battery.

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New plug & play solar power system. Install 1000 W off grid solar panels in few minutes by yourself. No need skilled people to set-up. It is a practice 1000 W electric power generator with modules that can be increased to 10 MW. You can install Azure Plug & Play Solar Power System almost anywhere, it works off-grid in rural areas where public grid utility is missing. During the day the solar panels generate electricity for your loans as refrigerator, air conditioner, lighting, and the excess power will recharge the battery that will become a source of energy during the night. For home use, we developed an intelligence controller that allows public grid supply electricity only when the energy production is less than energy consumption of your loans. The electrical company only sees your less consumption, and it is not necessary to ask for a permission to install this solar system.

Advantages of Modular Plug & Play Solar Power System

You can start with a single set of 1000 W and increase size of your solar system in stages. More power more savings.
Spep 1: Try Plug-in Azure Solar Kit of 1000 W and see benefit.
Step 2: Size up your solar system with new modules covering your day time loans.
Spep 3: If you enlarge enough the size of the solar panels exceding power of daytime loans, buy the battery set for night time consumption.

Why Azure Plug & Play Solar Power System

  • Save a lot of money compared to traditional solar systems that have costs such as installation labor, local permits, and fees.
  • Azure Solar photovoltaic panels are built for hurricane force winds, hail, rain and snow.
  • High efficiency cells with long service life.
  • Built-in micro inverters to maximize power point tracking. Each solar kit works independently of each other to maximize energy production in partial cloud or shady conditions.
  • Easy connectivity with plug & play connectors.
  • Lithium batteries.
  • Solar controller detects when solar panels produce more power than loans consumption, and allows power recharge the battery.
  • Off grid inverter is used to turn 48 V DC power from batteries into 110 – 220 V AC for use with home appliances (optional).

Included in Azure Plug & Play Solar Power System

4 x 250 Watt solar panels.
4 Panel ground mount rack.
Solar controller / regulator for power production and monitoring efficiency Inverter 110 – 220 V.
Connectors and cable set.
Li-ion 48 V Battery.
Temp Sensor.
Battery and inverter.


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