Plug and play solar panels ready for the home outlet

Plug and Play Solar Panels Ready for the Home Socket

980,00 $

Plug and Play Solar Panels Ready for the Home Socket

980,00 $

The Plug and Play Solar Panels is a solar energy kit, flexible, light and ready to connect to your home socket, with 2 solar panels and a micro grid tie inverter, useful for cutting your electricity bill.
Solar output power: 680 watt

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Plug and Play Solar Panels is an innovative solar kit ready for the home socket with 2 solar panels and a micro grid tie inverter to change the dc voltage to 110-220V ac, synchronizing with your utility grid power. Solar panels generate electricity that is fed into the home grid for your appliances such as refrigerator and air conditioning, cutting your electricity bill. It is a very simple DIY solar power kit. Installation takes less than 10 minutes, no experienced people are required, and no permit is required from your electricity company. The smart controller allows the public grid to provide electricity only when the solar energy is lower than the energy consumption of your loans. The electricity company will only see your lower consumption.

Plug and Play Solar Panels Features

Total output power of 680 watt
2 x 340 watt solar panels made of high efficiency monocrystalline PV cells (polycrystalline on request).
Solar controller
Micro grid tie inverter with 110 – 220 volts a.c.
The estimated electricity generation is 4000 – 5000 Kwh / day depending on the solar radiation with an average saving of 30% on the electricity bill. You can add 2 more panels to double the power output, or more if you have a large house. To use, simply put the solar panels in the sun and plug the power cord into your home outlet.

Increase the Size of your Panels Step by Step

You can start with a single kit and gradually increase the size of your solar system. More power, more savings.
Step 1: Try the 680 watt plug and play solar kit and discover its benefits.
Step 2: Size up your solar system with new solar panels that cover your daytime loads.
Step 3: If you enlarge the size of the solar panels enough by exceeding the power of daytime loads, you can buy a battery to store the excess energy that will be used at night.

Advantages of Plug and Play Solar Panels Ready for the Home Socket

  • With solar panels connected to your home socket you will cut your electricity bill.
  • With the plug and play solar panels kit you will save a lot of money compared to traditional solar systems that have costs such as installation labor, local permits, and fees.
  • This solar kit is built to withstand strong winds, hail, rain and snow, but in the event of a hurricane, you can easily take it apart and store it indoors.
  • High efficiency cells with long service life.
  • Easy to expand in future to 6000 watts by adding more solar panels.
  • Solar micro inverters to maximize power point tracking.
  • Easy connectivity with plug and play connectors.


Solar panels
Gound mounting hardware for 2 solar panels
solar controller
Solar micro grid tie inverter for power production and monitoring efficiency.
Plug and play connectors and cables


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