Penny Farthing Vintage Bicycle 36″ High Wheel Cycle

490,00 $

Penny Farthing Vintage Bicycle 36″ High Wheel Cycle

490,00 $

The Penny Farthing Bicycle is a front high wheel cycle that became a symbol of the late Victorian era and gave birth to the sport of cycling

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The Penny Farthing Bicycle is a direct drive vintage cycle with a 36″ high wheel with the cranks and pedals fixed directly to the hub. A very fun bicycle where vintage style is paired with new technology to provide a comfortable ride with retro style. The name penny farthing bicycle came from the British penny and farthing coins. The front wheel is much larger than the rear and on sight the bicycle reminds a penny and a farthing. The penny farthing bicycle was born in 1870, but went out of business after just 10 years because the development of classic bicycles with chain-driven gear trains, safer and more comfortable. Despite such a short life, the penny farthing bicycle became a symbol of the late Victorian era and gave birth to the sport of cycling.

A beautiful reproduction of the classic Penny Farthing high wheel bicycles from the late 1800s. For all people who love the Victorian era and want to have a 1800s riding experience. Restaurants and retail stores can place a penny farthing in a corner as a display piece, and allow some customers to have fun with the vintage bicycle.

Penny Farthing High Wheel Cycle Features

Frame: Steel frame
Front Wheel: 36″
Rear Wheel: 12″
Cranks: Standard steel bicycle cranks
Pedals: Steel bicycle pedals
Handlebar: Aluminum alloy
Saddle: Leather saddle in brown colour
Recommended leg length (from crotch to floor): Minimum 650 mm ( 26″ )

Penny Farthing Vintage Bicycle History

The 1st high wheel bicycle was developed by Eugène Meyer in Paris who patented the wheel with the individually adjustable metal spokes, but James Starley made several improvements and he is remembered as the founder of the cycling industry in England. Despite the inconvenience of the high saddle and the danger, the penny-farthing bicycle was a great success and became a must for the wealthy urban people. The development of the chain drive with the possibility of choosing a transmission ratio between the gear wheel of the pedals and the size of the wheel, and the birth of the pneumatic tires by John Dunlop capable of guaranteeing a smooth ride even with a small wheel size, turned the high wheel cycle into our classic design bicycle.


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