PEM Electrolyzer for Green Hydrogen Production

PEM Electrolyzer for Green Hydrogen Production

3.980,00 $

PEM Electrolyzer for Green Hydrogen Production

3.980,00 $

Adopt a green lifestyle and start using hydrogen instead of fossil fuels. With this PEM Electrolyzer for Green Hydrogen Production you will get 100% sustainable hydrogen as our electrolyzer uses solar panels to power the electrolysis process.

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With the innovative PEM Electrolyzer for the Production of Green Hydrogen you can produce pure hydrogen at home for free. And above all you have 100% sustainable hydrogen since our electrolyzer uses solar panels to power the electrolysis process. We at Azure, in fact, firmly believe that the spread of hydrogen as an alternative energy is good for the environment. But this change is truly virtuous only if we do not use fossil fuels for its production and distribution. If we produce hydrogen using electricity obtained from the combustion of fossil fuels, we cannot say we are green. And as we all know, electricity in the national grid is only minimally produced from renewable sources. As you can see, our plug-and-play electrolyzer arrives at your home complete with solar panels. It is the only one on the market ready to use, totally self-sufficient and 100% green!

Ride the Future Using Green Hydrogen

While everyone talks about hydrogen as an energy carrier for a sustainable economy, something can already be done. The fight against climate change, in fact, requires the decarbonisation of all economic systems, including urban mobility. As you can see from the media, more and more governments and large corporations are looking for alternatives to fossil fuels. Among the many alternatives, hydrogen seems to be one of the most likely. So hydrogen will soon play an important role in achieving zero CO2 emissions future of industry and mobility. If you don’t want to follow trends but be a trend-setter, order your Hydrogen Kit now. This way you will stand out from the crowd and get noticed for being a lover of technological innovations and the environment.

PEM Electrolyzer for Green Hydrogen Production Features

This PEM Electrolyzer for Green Hydrogen Production works only with solar energy and pure water. So anyone can produce hydrogen with 99.99% purity at home without any additional cost. And it’s not a toy, in fact the output flow rate is 40 L/h, enough to power an electric bike for daily travel.

Hydrogen Storage Cylinder Features

For safety reasons we opted for a low pressure hydrogen storage cylinder. In fact, you can charge it with 18 g (0.04 lb) of hydrogen at a pressure of just 10 bar.

Find Out How PEM Electrolyzer for Green Hydrogen Production Works

The electrolyser is the most important thing in the production of hydrogen which is the basis of a low-carbon economy. This is why in recent years technology has made significant progress in the production of hydrogen. And today we can offer compact electrolysers on the market powered by electricity produced by the sun. The real turning point for the production of green hydrogen, meaning the entire process is free of harmful emissions. So the electrolysis process that uses electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen is 100% eco-sustainable. Just pour distilled water into the electrolyzer and turn on the switch. Water reacts at the anode to form positively charged oxygen and hydrogen ions. Electrons flow through an external circuit and hydrogen ions move through a polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) towards the cathode. Here the hydrogen ions combine with the electrons of the external circuit to form hydrogen gas.

How to Store Green Hydrogen

Once the hydrogen has been produced with the electrolyser, we must identify the best storage system. In fact, there are 2 methods to store hydrogen for a long time. The first involves filling a steel or carbon fiber cylinder with high-pressure hydrogen gas. This system is usually used for tanks installed in buildings. The second system consists in the storage of hydrogen in a metal hydride cylinder. Hydrogen is stored thanks to the chemical reaction between metal and gas. And the hydrogen is absorbed by the metal without the need for compression. So in these cylinders we can store hydrogen at a very low pressure, 10 – 20 bar. This makes these cylinders much more practical and safe. For this reason, these cylinders are mainly used in vehicles.

What is Included in PEM Electrolyzer for Green Hydrogen Production

400W solar panels with controller / inverter
PEM electrolyzer
Hybrid power electronics
Hydrogen storage metal hydride cylinder

Benefits of Green Hydrogen

Our electrolyzer produces the so-called green hydrogen, hydrogen is in fact obtained from water and solar energy. And since there is an abundance of water and sun on planet Earth, green hydrogen is a limitless source of energy. It is therefore an ideal energy carrier to decarbonise energy-intensive activities. And thanks to its great versatility today many companies are replacing fossil fuels, coal or gas with hydrogen. In fact, around half of CO2 emissions come from industry, mobility and building heating.
As you can see, these are all activities that can be easily decarbonized with the use of hydrogen. This is why governments, academia and industry are pushing hydrogen as the basis for creating the economy of the future. And it is therefore essential to produce hydrogen in a sustainable but at the same time profitable way. So success lies in transforming the energy produced from renewable sources into a product that is easy to store and can be used even months later. And green hydrogen turns out to be the perfect product. Because you can convert green hydrogen back into electricity with a simple fuel cell at any time.