Mobile food cart with grill

Mobile Food Cart with Grill for Sale

1.690,00 $

Mobile Food Cart with Grill for Sale

1.690,00 $

The Mobile Food Cart is a very economical hand cart with a gas or charcoal grill and umbrella to allow anyone to start their own street food business

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Mobile Food Cart with Grill is a very economical hand cart equipped with a gas grill and an umbrella. The classic food cart is always present on the sidewalks of many cities, and in recent years the variety of food on offer has increased dramatically. In addition to the classic hot dogs, you can now find food carts serving macaroni, halal chicken, marinated lamb and many other specialties. At lunchtime many people are seen waiting patiently in front of their favorite cart, as if it were a gourmet restaurant. And the number of people is increasing day by day. What are you waiting for to start your street food business? Now you can get started with less than a thousand dollars!

Uses and Users

This food cart is a very economical hand cart with gas grill created to allow anyone to start their own mobile street food business. It can be interesting for any people who wants to start his own street food business investing only a few hundred dollars. To reduce carbon monoxide emissions, we offer a set of solar panels and lithium-ion backup battery to replace the traditional diesel generator for lights and small accessories to reduce carbon monoxide emissions. It is designed for overcrowded cities but works well in any small town.

Technical Specifications

Frame: steel
Rims: aluminum
Spokes: stainless steel
Tires: 20 x 2″
Loading capacity: 100 Kg
Weight: 35 Kg including freezer

Why To Run Mobile Food Cart with Grill Business

Today food carts are very popular.
Become your own boss with your own mobile ice cream shop.
You can serve hot-dogs, hamburgers, kebab, fish, vegetables and more.
To success, just find a strategic location.

What is Included in Mobile Food Cart with Grill for Sale

Mobile food cart
To make your food cart more attractive, ask our technicians to also set up a device to enable credit card payment and a client app for pre-order.

Mobile Food Cart Customized Design

We are ready to customize the body image of your Mobile Food Cart according to your needs and create your personalized food cart for sale.


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