Mobile Food Cart with Grill for Sale

Mobile Food Cart with Grill for Sale

2.840,00 $

Mobile Food Cart with Grill for Sale

2.840,00 $

You can start your mobile food business right away with just a few dollars with the brand new Mobile Food Cart with Grill. In fact, this hand cart comes equipped with a gas or charcoal grill (as you prefer)

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With the brand new Mobile Food Cart with Grill you can start your own mobile food business with just a few dollars. As this hand cart comes with a gas or charcoal grill, as you prefer, and is ready to use. We have in fact developed a compact and elegant mobile kitchen to allow anyone to start their street food business. So what are you waiting for to start your own mobile food business? Now you can get started easily. Don’t wait long before you start making money. As you can see for yourself, the classic food cart is always present on the sidewalks of many cities. And in recent years the variety of gastronomic offerings has increased dramatically. In addition to the classic hot dogs, you can now find food carts serving macaroni, halal chicken, marinated lamb and many other specialties.

Mobile Food Cart with Grill Uses and Users

This Mobile Food Cart can be interesting for anyone who wants to start their own street food business. Because today food carts are very popular and you can become your own boss in just a few steps. To be successful, just find a strategic location and start serving hot dogs, burgers, kebabs, fish, vegetables and more. In fact, if you increase the offer of dishes, the number of people who eat at your cart every day will also increase. You can see for yourself how true this is. Look at how many people wait patiently in front of their favorite food cart at lunchtime. As if the Mobile Food Cart with Grill were a gourmet restaurant.

Mobile Food Cart Specifications

Our Food Cart is an easy-to-use, fully self-contained cart designed for serving steaks and other grilled delicacies. It comes with a large heated grill with a propane tank, but we can provide a charcoal grill if you prefer. it is also equipped with a water sink and a tank for drinking water and one for waste water. This makes our Mobile Food Cart with Grill truly portable and independent of water and electricity outlets. Among other advantages, we point out that the entire structure of the food cart is made of stainless steel. While the worktop is made of food-grade stainless steel to be hygienic and easy to clean. And it is easily movable, whether pushed by hand to the workstation or towed with a bike.

Mobile Kitchen with Grill

Why Have a Mobile Food Business

Mobile catering with food carts or food trucks is an increasingly popular way of serving food. Because it is an indispensable service for a variety of occasions and events such as weddings and parties. Long gone are the days when the food cart was just an old truck that served burgers and chips. Today, in fact, chefs operating in mobile catering services offer a wide range of foods. From pasta to Bolognese sauce to marinated salmon to match often street food styles from all over the world. Naturally, the advantage of serving food with a mobile cart compared to a classic restaurant lies in costs. First of all, the initial startup costs.
In fact, in the case of the Mobile Food Cart with Grill you only have the purchase cost. You don’t have to pay to furnish the a restaurant and pay the high costs of rent, electricity, water and other various utilities. Therefore the overall management costs are significantly lower than a restaurant. You can concentrate only on cooking without having to worry about making ends meet.


Mobile food cart with grill
Water sink
Gas grill (or charcoal grill on request)

Mobile Food Cart with Grill Add-Ons and Custom Design

We are ready to customize your mobile food cart according to your needs to create your own customized mobile food cart. Among the options we list the removable towing bar for bicycles and the LED lighiting set for night use. And to make your food cart more attractive, ask our technicians to also set up a device to enable credit card payment and a client app for pre-order.


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