Mobile Food Cart for Sale

Mobile Food Cart for Sale

1.880,00 $

Mobile Food Cart for Sale

1.880,00 $

Take your business on the go with the brand new Mobile Food Cart, a versatile all-purpose food cart for sale with sun canopy ideal for the street food business and mobile catering

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Take your business on the go with our Stylish Mobile Food Cart for Sale. As our brand new street food cart is ideal in terms of convenience and accessibility. Especially when starting a new street food business or experimenting with a mobile catering concept for luxury weddings and events.

Knowing how to run a mobile bar business requires patience and the right information on the local events. But with a little determination, it can become a rewarding, fun and, above all, very profitable business. Because a cart requires much less startup capital than a traditional food truck, it is smaller and more maneuverable. This means that a luxury cart can also be brought indoors or into the corner of a small courtyard. Furthermore, it does not involve mountains of management and maintenance costs. So starting a mobile cart business is easy and accessible for anyone who dreams of starting their own business.

Mobile Food Cart Uses and Users

The Mobile Food Cart is ideal for a boy or girl in their twenties who wants to combine passion and work. Because thanks to its flexibility, today a mobile cart is no longer limited only to sidewalks or city parks. Of course the food cart was developed primarily for food street vendors, i.e. for people offering food for sale. But it is also ideal for mobile catering services and for any promotional campaigns. With careful planning, a mobile cart can be an excellent platform for a successful business. As you know, culinary advancements in the street food scene have been huge lately.
And the Mobile Food Cart is increasingly becoming a pillar of the catering industry of the future. As it can be fully equipped to serve the type of food you prefer, providing a discreet and impeccable service to your guests. You can also enable credit card payment and a consumer app to pre-order food for sale. Next we’ll go into detail on what to consider when purchasing a food cart to set your mobile business up for success.

Mobile Food Cart Features

The Food Cart features stainless steel finishing, easy to clean, resistant to humidity and bad weather. And food grade stainless steel worktop and a fresh running water system. Yes, a practice water sink with sensor tap electric pump and fresh and waste water tanks. It makes this push cart ideal for selling fresh food, fruit, freshly made baked goods, drinks. Plus you have a large interior large storage compartment to keep extra food and beverages.

Why Run a Mobile Food Business

We can list many reasons to start a mobile business. First you can be your own boss with your own mobile food cart. Secondly mobile carts have the distinct advantage of mobility, in the event that a location is not productive in sales. This is why street vending carts are very popular today. Third you can sell your products or make promotional stands in marketing campaigns. Last but not least the low purchase price of the mobile food cart for sale.


Mobile food cart
Water sink

Mobile Street Food Cart Add-Ons

Add-Ons for Your Mobile Food Cart

Mobile food carts for sale come in all shapes and sizes. They start with a counter on wheels and end with a complete set of equipment, from stove tops to cold storage. Ultimately, what you like to serve from your food push cart will drive the equipment you need. If you will be serving ready-made items such as pastries or baked goods, you will not need anything other than a display case. If you plan to prepare food on the go, you will likely need more equipment. For example, to cook hot dogs from a food cart you’ll need at least a stovetop and some form of cooler. Or to make crepes you will need a creperie machine. From the refrigerator to the coffee maker, from the low speed centrifuge to the grill, every piece of equipment is available.
Furthermore, you can also mount solar panels and Wi-Fi kit to attract more customers. If you decide to set up a fleet of carts, you can detect their position in real time on Android and IOS apps with the GPS.

Food Cart Customized Design

We are ready to customize the body image of your Mobile Cart according to your needs and create your personalized food cart for sale.


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