Mobile crepes business equipment

Mobile Crepes Business Equipment with Crepes Maker

1.990,00 $

Mobile Crepes Business Equipment with Crepes Maker

1.990,00 $

Crepes business equipment is a mobile cart with a gas crepes maker and all the equipment for mobile street food business that can be used as a push hand cart or attached behind a bicycle

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Mobile Crepes Business Equipment is a hand push cart, or pulled by a bike, equipped with a gas crepes maker for your mobile food business. It offers a lovely cooking experience and add value to every street corner, can be moved by hand or mounted on any bike for a greater mobility in just 2 minute thanks to a removable steel bar.

Mobile Crepes Business Equipment Guidelines

Walking the streets of any city you will always see a classic food cart serving hot dogs and even more halal chicken and other delicacies. You will certainly have noticed that it is at a corporate event that at a birthday party never misses a corner dedicated to something special such as popcorn, cotton candy or crepes. Now you can start your own mobile business with less than 2 thousand dollars! It is thee perfect mobile cart combining good quality with its classic design, strong frame, light aluminum poles for canopy roof, with low price. The mobile crepes maker is the right choice for anyone looking for a new business without investing lots of money and without monthòy fixed running costs.

Technical Specifications

Frame: Hi-ten steel
Rims: double wall aluminum
Spokes: stainless steel
Tires: 20 x 2″
Loading capacity: 100 Kg
Weight: 26 Kg including crepes maker

Mobile Crepes Maker Features

Classic Design: The crepe cart can be moved by hand or mounted on any bike for greater mobility using the removable steel bar.
Stainless Steel Finishing: Stainless steel countertop, safe and reliable, durable, long service life.
Water Sink: We installed a small water sink with the water container located in the top shelf, and a removable waste water tank under the sink for easy emptying.
Countertop size: 1300×700 mm.

Mobile Crepes Business Equipment Advantages

Clean design of the gas crepes maker and double plate for crepes and pancakes.
The hard cast iron plates gives good heat retention and provide a smooth, hard wearing cooking surface requiring minimal oil and no pre-seasoning.
Perfect for locations without a power connection.

Why To Run Mobile Crepes Business

Today food trucks are very trendy.
Become your own boss with your own mobile coffee shop.
You can serve crepes and pancakes prepared in front of customers’ eyes.
Low purchasing price and maintenance costs compared to a traditional coffee shop.
To success, just find a strategic location and make money!

What is Included in Mobile Crepes Equipment

Food cart
Removable towing bar for bicycle
Water sink
Crepes maker
Solar panels (optiomal)
To make your food cart more attractive, ask our technicians to also set up a device to enable credit card payment and a client app for pre-order.

Other Accessories can be Installed on Request

Mobile crepes maker

Mobile Crepes Maker Customized Design

We are ready to customize the body image of your mobile crepes maker according to your needs and create your personalized cart for sale.


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