Mobile Coffee Cart for Events

Mobile Coffee Cart for Events with Espresso Machine

4.870,00 $

Mobile Coffee Cart for Events with Espresso Machine

4.870,00 $

Start your mobile bar with ease with the all-new Mobile Coffee Cart for Events. As this coffee cart comes to you fully equipped with a Made in Italy espresso machine to introduce the secrets of Italian coffee culture to your guests.

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Our Mobile Coffee Cart for Events offers you the perfect solution to your mobile coffee bar needs. Because the mobile cart outfitting is that of a real Italian coffee bar made to serve the classic Neapolitan coffee! The standard equipment includes a professional coffee machine, a practical refrigerator and a running water system with sink. So with this versatile cart you can offer a coffee service that can be customized to suit any event and location. From corporate events to luxury weddings to a new brand launch, you can literally go anywhere with your cart. Furthermore, this eye-catching mobile cart with electric coffee machine is perfect for indoor services, such as fairs and conferences. Because very often the organizers of the event do not allow the use of equipment that works with a gas cylinder.

Mobile Coffee Cart for Events Uses and Users

With this elegant Mobile Coffee Cart for Events, you will be able to provide a unique and unforgettable service to your guests. And that extra touch of elegance given by the matching umbrella makes it perfect for even the most sophisticated events.
Starting a mobile coffee shop business is a great way to make money in an exciting and high-growth industry. First, create a basic coffee shop business plan, focusing on your customers and your marketing strategies to be successful. Always keep in mind that success depends on your customers and that a coffee cart attracts different types of customers. So categorize your customers into specific target markets based on the locations where you will operate. Do you want to run your coffee cart near a business district? Consider that workers will stop for a quick coffee on their morning commute. Do you want to locate your coffee cart near a university? Well expect a young clientele who wants to socialize. So putting a table with 2 or 3 stools could be a good idea. Do you want your coffee business to be more profitable? Contact some wedding planners and propose mobile bar services for weddings and corporate events. Or book all the main events in your city, offering more items like ice cream and cold drinks.

Features and Equipment of the Mobile Coffee Cart

Italian Espresso Coffee Machine: The Mobile Coffee Cart is equipped with a very easy to use Made in Italy coffee machine. So you don’t need to be an expert barista to serve coffees and cappuccinos.
Refrigerator: In addition to coffee, you can also serve ice cream and fresh drinks.
Stainless steel finishing: The worktop is made of stainless steel.
Running water system: The water sink with tap and 2 tanks (for drinking water and waste water) allow you to operate even in locations without water.
Umbrella: The matching umbrella gives the coffee cart that extra touch of elegance.
Battery: If you cannot find a 110 – 220V socket at the event, you can use the coffee machine and the fridge with a battery (optional).
Mobile coffee cart size (LWH): 1200x700x1000 mm – 47.2×27.5×39.3 inch.

Mobile Coffee Machine Made in Italy

Italian Espresso Machine Advantages

With your mobile Italian coffee machine you can bring a fantastic coffee experience to your guests wherever they are! So you can provide professional coffee service at any indoor or outdoor event, large or small. In fact, thanks to its compact size, this mobile coffee machine is perfect for small spaces. But for its elegance it also stands out in large exhibition spaces. And is one of the few coffee carts on the market that can operate even in remote areas without water and electricity. As it is a totally self-sufficient mobile cart equipped with sink, water tanks and battery.

What is Included in Mobile Coffee Cart for Events

Mobile cart
Espresso coffee machine
Stainless steel worktop
Refrigeator / freezer
Running water system with tank, sink, and tap

Add-ons for Italian Coffee Machine and Custom Design

Battery to run the coffee machine and the refrigerator when there is no outlet.
Solar panels to charge the battery and increase the hours of use.
Removable towing bar for bicycle.
We can customize the mobile coffee cart with the color of your choice and with your logo. Our staff is ready to help you build your successful mobile business. All of our mobile bar carts are custom made in our factory and delivered worldwide. Contact us to find a solution that can satisfy your business needs.


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