Mobile Coffee Cart for Catering

Mobile Coffee Cart for Catering

2.860,00 $

Mobile Coffee Cart for Catering

2.860,00 $

Offer unique experiences to your guests and enhance your mobile bar services with this brand new Mobile Coffee Cart for Catering.
Including: Coffee cart, Umbrella, Stainless steel worktop, Running water system, Made in Italy espresso coffee machine which can also work on battery.

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This stylish Mobile Coffee Cart for Catering equipped with an espresso machine from Italy is ideal for Mobile Bar Catering Service. So take this opportunity to buy a coffee cart for under $ 3000 and start your own business.

You will be able to successfully offer your mobile bar service to weddings, event organizers, restaurateurs, fairs and organizations. And despite being the smallest mobile cart available on the market, it is also the most eye-catching. Furthermore it comes fully equipped and ready to serve an excellent espresso like you can only find in coffee shops in Italy. Work easily with a high quality Made in Italy espresso machine, a water system complete with sink and a sturdy steel structure. Are you interested in a unique, practical and flexible vending platform ready to make you earn? Well, then the Mobile Espresso Coffee Cart is the solution for you. It’s also mobile and can bring the experience of espresso wherever your business goes.

Mobile Coffee Cart for Catering Users and Uses

Our Mobile Espresso Coffee Cart has been specially designed for luxury events such as weddings, corporate events and more. And the matching umbrella gives that extra touch of elegance to your mobile bar. In addition, the Made in Italy espresso machine guarantees the same consistency as an espresso you find in Italy. This coffee cart is very practical, handy and flexible. And this allows you to set up your mobile bar for both large outdoor events and small indoor venues. In fact, the versatile set-up allows each event to be configured uniquely to fit the space. With this mobile espresso cart you can offer the coffee experience to all your guests wherever they are. And you can customize your catering service for any occasion. From the morning of the big day to aperitif time in company meetings.

Features and Equipment of the Coffee Cart

Made in Italy Espresso Machine: The mobile cart is equipped with a compact Made in Italy espresso machine.
Stainless steel finishing: The worktop is made of stainless steel.
Water system: We have installed a sink and 2 tanks (for drinking water and waste water) so that you can also operate in venues without water.
Umbrella: The matching umbrella gives your espresso bar an extra touch of elegance.
Battery: To serve coffee even in places without a 110 – 220 V socket, you can use the espresso machine with battery (optional).
Mobile cart size (LWH): 1000x700x1000 mm – 39.3×27.5×39.3 inch.

Go Mobile with Ease with the Coffee Cart for Catering

Go mobile with your beautifully designed espresso cart and Made in Italy coffee machine. Just what satisfies all the needs of coffee professionals, especially in mobile bar catering services. Because it is a very compact and light model but guarantees high performance. The vintage shape combined with the excellent technical characteristics make it a unique model of its kind. Furthermore, our coffee machine is compatible with ESE pods as well as coffee powder. So it’s very easy to make a great coffee, just insert the pod into the holder and start the machine.
Even when using pods, our espresso machine works the same way and has the same performance. In fact, the importance of having an excellent coffee is the quality of the beans, the temperature and the pressure of the water. In a pod, the coffee powder is pressed and wrapped between two layers of filter paper. It was born in the 70s and has profoundly changed the way coffee is served.

Advantages of Coffee Pods

ESE pods are single-serving coffees that are highly appreciated in the coffee industry for their ease of use. In fact, the pods allow you to obtain an excellent espresso just like that of Italian bars with various advantages.
First of all, with the pods you reduce the waste of coffee. Because each pod contains 7 grams of coffee, the perfect amount to make an excellent espresso. This way you avoid putting too much powder in the portafilter or seeing the powder fly away in windy venues.
Secondly, you won’t need to clean the worktop frequently because no dust residues remain on the coffee cart.
Third, you don’t need to be an expert barista. The pods are easy to use, just insert the pod into the filter holder and start the machine. And the coffee will always taste good. There is no risk of making the coffee too loaded or too watery. Because the single-serving pod helps balance the flavour.
Last but not least, the ESE pods are eco-friendly and can be recycled. The paper filter and ground coffee are biodegradable materials and can be used as fertilizer or recycled with organic waste. In a nutshell, the advantages of pods are many: easy to use, economical, hygienic and ecological.

What is Included in Mobile Coffee Cart for Catering

Mobile espresso cart
Made in Italy espresso machine
Stainless steel worktop
Running water system

Add-ons for Mobile Coffee Cart and Custom Design

Battery to run the espresso machine if there is no outlet.
Solar panels to increase working hours.
Removable towing bar for bicycle.
We are ready to customize your espresso cart with your logo. Our staff is ready to help you build your successful mobile coffee business. All of our mobile carts are custom made in our factory and delivered worldwide. Contact us to find a solution that can satisfy your business.


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