Marine Solar and Wind Hybrid Power Kit

Marine Solar and Wind Hybrid Power Kit

990,00 $

Marine Solar and Wind Hybrid Power Kit

990,00 $

Great fuel savings, smoother sailing and independence from moorings in the marina with this Marine Solar and Wind Hybrid Power Kit.
Power: 800 watts (400W wind + 400W solar)

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The Marine Solar and Wind Hybrid Power Kit has been developed to provide the best solution to your onboard power needs. This kit is perfect for anyone looking for an ecological, independent and self-sustainable power supply system for their boat. We are pioneers in manufacturing solar panels and renewable energy solutions and always at the forefront of providing innovative products. Plus our engineers can design a made to measure wind turbine and hybrid power kits suited to marine environment to meet your exact requirements. Forget to start the engine or a noise gas generator to power fridge, water pumps and lighting. Plus this solar and wind power kit can power autopilots, communications and all electronic devices of your boat. Great fuel economy, smoother sailing and independence from moorings in the marina.

Why Install the Marine Solar and Wind Hybrid Power Kit

An on-board power kit that allows you to be independent of fuel and sockets on the quay of the ports
Solar and wind are reneable energy
100% free electricity for your needs.on board for night and day needs.
Enjoy life on board with our solar and wind generator, no emission and no noise
No maintenance and no running costs

400 Watts Flexible Marine Solar Panel Power Kit

SunPower Flexible Marine Solar Panels are compact and lightweight. Standard solar panels use solar cells sandwiched between layers of glass to convert sunlight into electricity. Flexible marine solar panels work the same way, but the cells are placed between lightweight layers of protective plastic. The flexible solar panels can be mounted on tents, awnings or on the roof of wheelhouses. Lately, most yachtes and boats are already being prepared for solar energy. Marine Solar Panel on the roof and a battery to store electricity for night use. But don’t expect the battery to be able to power an air conditioner all night.

400 Watts Wind Turbine Hybrid Power Kit

Start-up wind speed: 2.5 m/sec
Rated wind speed: 10.5 m/s
Rotor diameter: 1200 mm (3.93 feet)
Rated speed: 800/min RPM
Number of blades: 3 pcs.
Material: carbon fiber
Net weight: 8 Kg (17.6 lbs)


Continuous power: 800 W
Output volt: 110 – 220 V ac
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Surge Power: 1600 W


800 watts hybrid power kit (400W solar + 400W turbine)
400 watts wind turbine generator
3×130 watts SunPower flexible marine solar panels
Hybrid controller
Extension cables
Mounting bracket
Inverter 110 V – 220 V ac output (optional)

Warranty Information

Wind turbine: 10 year
Panels: 10 year / 90% efficiency rate
Accessories: 2 year material warranty

Contact Our Staff

This Portable Marine Solar and Wind Hybrid Power Kit can be customized to meet your specific needs. You can get in touch with our experienced and knowledgeable staff with a simple email. One of our engineers will assist you both for the choice and for the assembly of the solar and wind kit.

How the Marine Solar and Wind Hybrid Power Kit Works

The solar panels and the wind turbine are designed to work together to maximize energy generation. A wind turbine uses the aerodynamic force of the rotor blades like the propeller of an airplane. As the wind flows through the blade, the difference in air pressure across the two sides of the blade creates lift. This force turns the rotor which is connected to a generator. While in the past this mechanical power was used to pump water and grind grain, today it is mainly used to generate electricity.


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