Longtail cargo bike bags

Longtail Cargo Bike Bags

96,00 $

Longtail Cargo Bike Bags

96,00 $

The Longtail Bike Bags can turn your bike into a cargo vehicle to facilitate the transport of both groceries and bulky items.

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Longtail Cargo Bike Bags set is perfect for your daily commute by transforming the bike into a cargo vehicle to use for both business and leisure trips. Longtail bicycles are very practical and versatile, and to facilitate the transport of both groceries and bulky items such as firewood or work tools, we recommend the use of resistant, waterproof and large flexible side bags. These bags are very spacious and easy to attach to longtail bikes, and most importantly easy to carry on foot wherever you go. Simply place the bag on horseback over the rear rack and attach it with 2 fastening clips. You can adjust the size of the bags via straps to carry loads of various sizes without them moving around inside the bags and rattling as you pedal. Cargo bikes make it easier to leave your car at home.

Longtail Cargo Bike Bags Features

Best use: Cycling
Materials: PVC
Capacity: 100 liters
Waterproof: Yes
Dimensions: 700 x 400 x 200 mm (27.5×15.7×7.9 inches)

Advantages of Longtail Cargo Bike Bags

  • Bags allow you to keep your gear dry and organized throughout the day.
  • The bags are made of waterproof materials with heat-sealed seams for waterproof protection.
  • The bags have reflective patches on the back to be clearly visible in low light conditions.
  • To facilitate transport when walking there is a comfortable top handle.
  • Thanks to the boards, the bags can bear the full weight of their contents without any risk of breaking.
  • The panniers have a combined capacity of 100 liters.
  • With easy attaching clips, you can remove the bags quickly when you arrive at destination.

Cargo Bike for Business

  • Cargo bikes are faster than trucks: New cargo e-bikes are designed to carry loads of more than 100 kg with a convenient speed. In crowded cities cargo bikes are capable of making more deliveries per day than a truck. Cyclists are less susceptible to traffic and move at faster speeds during rush hour than cars.
  • Cargo bikes are good for traffic: Replacing the many trucks on the road with cargo bikes will reduce the traffic in the city.
  • Cargo bikes are good for downtown deliveries where there is a lack of parking: You can put your cargo bike almost anywhere, you will no longer have to waste time finding parking for each delivery.
  • Cargo bikes are good for the environment: Bikes and elecric bikes don’t have co2 emissions and are very good for the environment.
  • Couriers are healthier: Cycling is a fun activity that is great for your body reducing stress levels (as opposed to driving in traffic, which increases your stress). Your workers will have better mental health and physical health.
  • Cargo bikes are cheap. By switching from a fleet of trucks to bicycle couriers, you’ll save thousands of dollars every month.
  • Cargo bikes are good for local businesses: Local stores can accept online orders and arrange same-day delivery via cargo bike.


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