Ice Cream Freezer Cart with Battery & Solar Panels

Ice Cream Freezer Cart with Battery & Solar Panels

2.690,00 $

Ice Cream Freezer Cart with Battery & Solar Panels

2.690,00 $

Start your mobile ice cream business with this handy, battery-powered portable freezer cart

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Enjoy the world’s first solar and battery powered portable Ice Cream Freezer Cart, equipped with 12V freezer and solar umbrella. Because with this ice cream cart powered by solar panels you can sell ice cream all day long. It’s the only freezer on the market that can run for days without needing an electrical outlet. So you can work day and night wherever you are without worrying about having enough energy for your ice-cream freezer. This ice cream freezer cart is therefore perfect for starting your portable ice cream business. You can count on this solar-powered refrigerator to always keep your ice cream at the ideal temperature. And this ensures that your outings are always a refreshing success. This freezer is the embodiment of sustainability and innovation, making it a must-have for every eco-conscious individual. Discover the future of cooling technology and embrace the convenience and reliability of solar energy.

Ice Cream Freezer Cart Features

Ice cream freezer: with the solar refrigerator you can serve ice cream and frozen drinks throughout the working day.
Stainless steel finish: the cart is enterly made of stainless steel, easy to clean and resistant to humidity.
Umbrella with solar panels: when you use the Ice Cream Freezer Cart during the day, the solar panels power the refrigerator and charge the battery.
Battery: where a 110 – 220 V socket is not available, thanks to the battery it is possible to use the freezer even at night.
Ice cream cart dimensions (LWH): 1200x700x1000 mm – 47.2×27.5×39.3 inches

Portable Ice Cream Freezer Cart Uses and Users

This Ice Cream Freezer with Battery & Solar Panels is the cheapest portable cart on the market. It is suitable both for young people at their first experience and for ice cream parlors who wish to increase sales. It is a very simple and practical cart that combines resistance, lightness and ease of use. What are you waiting for to turn the idea of running your ice cream shop into a source of monthly income? Europeans and Americans consume around 8 Kg of ice cream per year and young Asians seem to be following this trend. A portable ice cream business can offer many opportunities and no business risks. Compared to a classic ice cream shop, the portable cart requires a low initial investment and does not have the fixed costs of monthly rent.

All you need to do before starting your ice cream business is to ask your municipality for the license to start the street vending business. You may find it helpful to read How to Start a Coffee Shop Business with a Mobile Cart. In addition to street vending, the ice cream freezer cart offers other income opportunities. Such as offering mobile bar services for trade shows and private events or renting an ice cream cart for weddings.

How the Solar Powered Freezer Works

Harnessing the wonders of technology, the solar-powered portable refrigerator has revolutionized the way we keep ice cream fresh. Even in remote and off-grid locations. At the heart of this innovation is a sophisticated system that seamlessly integrates solar panels, batteries and a high-performance compressor. The focal point of this energy-efficient wonder is the use of an umbrella with solar panels. In addition to protecting from the sun, it increases the visibility of the ice cream cart and powers the freezer. What makes this freezer truly amazing is its ability to do all this by relying solely on solar energy. As a result, you can enjoy the convenience of a portable, free, and eco-friendly cooling solution. Perfect for your ice cream business on the go.

Why Freezer Cart with Battery & Solar Panels

Say goodbye to the hassle of melted ice cream and welcome the future of portable refrigeration. These cutting-edge solar-powered freezers are the perfect companion for your next party. Harnessing the power of the sun, this high-quality solar fridge is designed to keep your ice cream and drinks fresh. And no matter where your adventures take you. Whether you’re at the beach, in the wilderness, or attending a sporting event, this freezer will have you covered. It’s not only eco-friendly but also incredibly convenient, allowing you to enjoy ice cream without relying on traditional energy sources.You can count on this Ice Cream Freezer Cart to always keep your ice cream at the ideal temperature. And this ensures that your outings are always a refreshing success.

Where to Use the Portable Ice Cream Cart

The quirky and fun Ice Cream Freezer Cart is ideal for indoor parties and large outdoor events. For this reason we have provided different energy sources to power the freezer. This triple power supply technology offers the possibility of using the classic 110 – 220 V electrical socket if it is available. While when you use the cart to serve ice cream in the street or on the beach, you can count on solar panels or the battery. Included in the package is everything you need to run your mobile ice cream shop wherever you are 24 hours a day. The Ice Cream Freezer Cart can be customized to your specific specifications, from the frame color to the vinyl graphics. All to increase the visibility and awareness of your brand. We have templates available to send to your design team to create the exact look you want for maximum exposure.

Ice Cream Freezer with Solar Panels

Why Use Solar Panels and Battery to Power Your Freezer

In recent years there has been a great development of technology in the field of solar energy. And flexible solar panels have become the most convenient and environmentally friendly solution for generating electricity on the go. These solar panels, in fact, are very light, compact and easy to fold. This is because they have been specifically designed for energy needs while on the go. Like traditional PV panels, these portable solar panels work by transforming sunlight into electrical energy through the photovoltaic effect. They are similar in operation to traditional ones, but are much lighter and more foldable. During sunny hours the electricity generated by the photovoltaic panels is used to power the freezer and to charge the battery. This way the battery always remains charged and can supply energy to the ice cream freezer cart during the night.


Ice Cream Freezer Cart
Refrigerator / freezer with temperature from -20° to +6°C (-4°F to +43°F)
Battery charger
Umbrella with solar panels
GPS for real-time location tracking on Android and IOS apps (Optional)


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