Ice Cream Beach Cart

Ice Cream Beach Cart to Sell Ice Cream on the Beach

4.880,00 $

Ice Cream Beach Cart to Sell Ice Cream on the Beach

4.880,00 $

Start your beach ice cream selling business with a smile. Forget the old push ice cream cart and welcome the brand new Ice Cream Beach Cart. A real floating ice cream shop that serves ice cream, fresh fruit and cold drinks both in the water and on the beach.

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With your brand new Ice Cream Beach Cart you can sell ice cream on the beach with a smile. Because this eye-catching floating ice cream shop turns your work day on the beach into a real party. Serving ice creams and granitas has never been so easy and fun! In fact, with the water bike equipped with a large freezer, you will be able to pedal on both water and sand without effort. It is ideal for opening your ice cream shop business by the sea, river or lake. Because in addition to being very stable and easy to use, it always attracts everyone’s attention with its unique design. So, when you cycle along the coast, young and old alike will surely be impressed and attracted by your ice cream cart. And you will earn a lot of money!

Ice Cream Beach Cart Uses and Users

The beach cart is one of the highlights of our catalog of carts specially equipped with a freezer for selling ice cream. A sparkling, customizable and also green novelty. For this reason this elegant and functional ice cream cart is increasingly conquering coasts around the world. Beach vendors need support during long days under the scorching summer sun. And dragging a classic ice cream cart on the beach is not at all easy due to the sand. In fact, the wheels of the cart sink into the sand due to the considerable weight of the freezer. And it’s very difficult to push the cart. This is precisely where the most convenient and effective ice cream cart on the market comes into play.

With the floating cart you can tackle this interesting business of selling ice cream on the beach with a smile. On the other hand, if a job becomes easier, it will also be more fun and profitable. This Beach Cart is a great idea for lovers of outdoor life who want to start their own business. With your ice cream cart you can turn every day on the beach into a real party by serving ice cream happily.

Advantages of Starting a Beach Cart Business

The Ice Cream Beach Cart is a real ice cream shop, only it floats on water. To achieve success you just need to cycle among the people on the beach. Opening an ice cream shop on the beach gives you many advantages compared to an office job.

First you become your own boss. You will thus be able to manage your business in total freedom and choose times and places to work. Secondly you become a point of reference for all the beach kids and a local celebrity. Thirdly, in addition to ice cream you can also sell cold drinks, fresh fruit and other local delicacies. Thousands of customers with a very high profit margin. Fourth, compared to a classic ice cream shop, the Beach Cart has no additional costs. No petrol or maintenance. Because the solar panels on the canopy can produce enough electricity for the refrigerator and speakers. Always helpful in attracting more customers.

Ice Cream Beach Cart Technical Specifications

Freezer: large 12V battery-operated freezer
Solar Panels: 200W flexible solar panels on the roof
Frame material: aluminiun alloy
Floating wheels: high density oolyethlyene (PE)
Propulsion: cycling
Max speed: 12 Km/h – 7.5 mph
Loading capacity: 180 Kg – 397 lbs (2 persons)
Size (LxWxH): 3200 x 2000 x 2000 mm – 126×78.7×78.7 inch
Weight: 90 Kg – 198 lbs

Why Sell Ice Cream on the Beach

If you love the outdoors and like being in contact with people, this is the activity for you. Because what’s better than earning money by cycling surrounded on all sides by turquoise, crystal-clear water? To achieve success you just need to choose a good ice cream supplier and cycle on the beach. A little in the water and a little on the bath-dryer. The Ice Cream Beach Cart does the rest. Because its charming design and bright colors attract everyone’s attention, adults and children. This ice cream cart, in fact, is changing the way of selling ice cream on the beach.

You’re not the one who has to go looking for customers by dragging an old cart on the sand. But it will be the customers who approach you to see your ice cream cart up close. And the kids will ask you to get on the water bike for a moment to take a photo of a new toy.

Become a Celebrity with Your Own Personalized Beach Cart

The Ice Cream Beach Cart is a 3-wheeled water bike that tackles water and sand without any difficulty. All without sacrificing elegance, safety, functionality and efficiency. A nice convenience for those who know what it means to work on the beach pulling an ice cream cart under the sun. This innovative beach cart allows you to serve customers effortlessly from morning to night. In fact, in addition to being very comfortable, it has an autonomy of 24 hours thanks to a lithium battery and solar panels. This Ice Cream Cart is suitable for multiple types of setups. Each cart can be customized according to your needs in all aspects: color, logo, choreography, stickers. For further technical information on the beach cart you can contact us.


Water bike
Battery operated fridge / freezer
Solar panels
Stereo to attract more clients (optional)

Do You Know Anyone Who Makes $400 a Day Selling Ice Cream on the Beach?

At 16, Jordan Belfort was selling ice cream on the beach for $400 a day. If you think it’s not bad to earn $400 a day, you should buy this ice cream beach cart right away. Because you don’t find something else that can make you earn this amount during the summer. But who is Jordan Belfort? He is the author of the autobiographical book The Wolf of Wall Street, later adapted into a film starring Leonardo di Caprio in 2013. Jordan Belfort was born in Queens, New York, and showed natural talent as a salesman at a young age. In fact, in the summer between completing high school and college, Belfort managed to earn $20,000.

Yes, you read that right. He made $400 a day selling Italian ice cream to people on the beach. And he didn’t have an eye-catching ice cream cart with a freezer. He was walking on the beach dragging a Styrofoam container full of ice cream. With the money he earned from selling ice cream he intended to pay for dental school at the University of Maryland. But you can find out the rest of the story by watching the film.


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