Hot Dog Cart with Grill and Fryer for Sale

Hot Dog Cart with Grill and Fryer for Sale

2.960,00 $

Hot Dog Cart with Grill and Fryer for Sale

2.960,00 $

With the professional Hot Dog Cart with Grill and Fryer you can start your mobile hot dog business quickly and easily. The cart comes fully equipped with grill and fryer and is ready to go. This cart is easy to push by hand or tow with a bicycle.

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Start your mobile hot dog business now with the brand new Hot Dog Cart with Grill and Fryer. As our carts are built to be very easy to use and come ready to use, fully equipped with grill and fryer.

You may look around and find many hot dog carts for sale, both new and used. But you won’t find the versatility, quality and value of our mobile vending carts. In fact all our carts are specially designed to be durable, bright and eye-catching. For these reasons they are made of stainless steel and have an elegant design. Because your street vending business deserves a quality look and high visibility. All of this means more sales and more profits. This Hot Dog Cart, although very low priced, includes high-end features like a restaurant-quality grill, only smaller. As well as a fryer that gives you the versatility to also serve french fries and a water sink. And if that’s not exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll work with you to develop a custom cart built to your exact specifications.

Hot Dog Cart with Grill and Fryer Uses and Users

The Mobile Hot Dog Cart is ideal for a boy or girl in their twenties who wants to combine passion and work. It is in fact a very economical food cart with no management costs, which guarantees a very high return on investment. Of course the food cart was developed primarily for food street vendors, i.e. for people who offer food for sale. But thanks to its versatility it is also ideal for mobile catering services for weddings and corporate events. So with this cart you are no longer limited only to sidewalks or city parks, and you can overcome seasonality.
Today, food carts and trucks have become very popular and hot dog carts stand out among them. Because they are the simplest and fastest catering services that provide food to millions of people every day. Just to give you an idea, in the United States, approximately 16% of hot dogs consumed are purchased from street vendors. So what are you waiting for to start your mobile food vending business? The Hot Dog Cart with Grill and Fryer is the right product for those looking for a new job without investing all their savings. Each hot dog you sell can mean a net profit of $1 or 2 depending on the location. Without difficulty you can sell 100 hot dogs a day earning 100 to 200 dollars in a single day. And if you work from morning to night you can double your earnings. Not bad for an investment of just over $2000!

Mobile Street Food Cart

Food Cart Features

The hot dog cart is a compact, fully self-contained cart designed to serve a limited menu. It uses a propane cylinder to heat the grill and fryer, making it independent of electricity. Furthermore, it does not even require water, as it is equipped with a sink and a tank for drinking water and one for gray water. The food cart is made of stainless steel to be corrosion resistant, hygiene friendly and easy to clean. Furthermore, it is very flexible and easily maneuverable even in confined spaces. It can in fact be pushed to a vendor’s location by hand or towed with a bike.

Why Run a Mobile Grill and Fryer Business

There are many reasons to start a mobile hot dog cart business. Among these we highlight first of all that you can be your own boss. Secondly, you have the possibility to choose your own working hours and to work outdoors always meeting new people. Third, you have the distinct advantage of mobility. So in case a position is not productive in sales, you can easily move. Furthermore, you can also place your stand at promotional events and weddings. Last but not least the low purchase price of this mobile food cart for sale.

How the Hot Dog Cart Was Born

The hot dog cart was born in 1926 from an idea of ​​Mr. Coffey who designed the first truly self-sustaining hot dog cart. Its design featured a cooking plate, a steam table and even an ice chest. His cart still forms the basis for modern food carts and food trucks today. In fact, all the carts on the market today are nothing more than the improvement of the original one from 100 years ago.


Food cart with grill and fryer
Sun canopy
Removable towing bar for bicycle
Water sink
Gas grill (or charcoal grill on request)
Two basket deep fryer

Hot Dog Cart with Grill and Fryer Customized Design

We are ready to customize your Hot Dog Cart according to your needs and create your personalized mobile food cart for sale.


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