French Fries Food Cart with Deep Fryer

French Fries Food Cart with 2 Baskets Deep Fryer

2.780,00 $

French Fries Food Cart with 2 Baskets Deep Fryer

2.780,00 $

Start a mobile food business with easy and start serving tasty french fries with your new French Fries Food Cart equipped with a large double basket deep fryer. Including fryer, potato peeler, cutter and water sink.

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The French Fries Food Cart is an elegant mobile deep fryer on wheels ideal for anyone looking to start a street food business based on serving French fries and fish & chips. If you are considering starting a street food business or expanding the business of your existing fish & chips restaurant, you may be interested in our French fries cart. A fully equipped 3-wheel electric bike to meet your needs with double basket fryer, potato peeler and cutter, fridge – freezer and water sink that allows you to serve different locations throughout the day. You can park in front of schools or offices in the morning, in a park in the afternoon and in front of a cinema or theater in the evening.

Mobile Deep Fryer Guidelines

Our portable double basket deep fryer innovates the street food business model. The vintage design, the very resistant steel frame, the low purchase price and no maintenance costs make this portable fryer ideal for any dream catcher. All the parts that you will need to change over the years are the normal parts of the bike, such as tires and brake pads. The electric motor is maintenance free. It is rated to work for years without the need for a service. The 3-wheel bike is designed to include all the equipment of a real restaurant, such as the stainless steel double basket fryer, potato peeler and potato cutter, fridge – freezer, water sink and other accessories you might like.

French Fries Food Cart Uses and Users

The mobile food industry is one of the most attractive and profitable businesses. The French fries cart is ideal for a twenty year old boy or girl to combine passion and work, but it is interesting for anyone who wants to start their own restaurant business. The street food business is the main use, but the elegance and the small footprint of this cart make it suitable also as a corner food for festivals, sporting events, corporate events, transforming any place into a truly unforgettable and one of a kind.

Mobile Deep Fryer for French fries

How To Make Tasty French Fries

French fries are deep fried potatoes prepared by cutting the peeled potatoes into even strips, soaking them in cold water to remove the starch, and then drying and frying them in a deep fryer. French fries are served hot as a snack often with ketchup, or as part of lunch or dinner. The standard method for cooking French fries is frying in two baths which makes them crisp. In fact, fresh potatoes have a high water content and chips may be soggy. The first bath of about 3 minutes takes place in the basket with oil at 160° C – 320° F, while the second bath of some second takes place in the oil at 190° C – 375° F. Then the chips are drained on absorbent paper and salted.

French Fries Food Cart Technical Specifications

Frame: Hi-ten steel
Tires: 24″ x 2.50
Loading capacity: 250 Kg
Weight: 80 Kg

French Fries Food Cart Features

Retro Design Bike Frame: The double tube vintage design frame ensures great strength and a stable riding.
Fat Tires: Our Mobile Food Cart is equipped with oversized 20″ x 4 tires to have great comfort and impressive traction, virtually anywhere. Fat tires were invented for use in snow and sand, but are capable of traversing diverse terrain types including snow, sand, desert, bogs, mud, or pavement.
Disc Brakes: To guarantee safe driving we installed 3 disc brakes plus a parking brake.
Stainless Steel Finishing: The countertop is made of stainless steel, easy to clean, resistant to humidity and bad weather.
Water Sink: A small water sink with a removable waste water tank under the sink for easy emptying.
Working area: 1300×700 mm.

Why To Run Mobile French Fries Food Cart Business

Fish & Chip restaurant is one of the most profitable business today. Become your own boss with your own portable deep fryer on wheels. You can serve fish and potatoes prepared in front of customers’ eyes. Low purchasing price and maintenance costs compared to a traditional restaurant. To success, just find a strategic location.

What is Included in Mobile Deep Fryer

Mobile food cart with 2 baskets deep fryer
Double basket fryer
Gas cylinder holder
Water sink
GPS for real-time location tracking on Android and IOS apps (optional)

French Fries Food Cart Customized Design

We are ready to customize the body image of your French Fries Food Cart according to your needs and create your personalized cart for sale.


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