Electricity and Water Heating Power System

6.900,00 $

Electricity and Water Heating Power System

6.900,00 $

Photovoltaic solar power off grid system with battery back-up plus hot water.

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The Solar Power Home System is a basic independent power plant designed to generate hot water and electricity for home use, satisfying basic needs such as shower, lighting, TV, notebook, fridge, ceiling fan, water pump in rural areas. The Solar Power Home System can be coupled with local electricity grid or can be installed 100% off grid using a battery power system. Azure Energy Engineering & Construction Dept. offers a high quality solution for both applications satisfying the most rigorous environment. Here we list few basic Solar Power Energy System configurations for a 100-120 sqm house just as your reference, but we can adjust size, power and add special equipments according to your needs. All parts have been tested in our laboratory and proven in operation to guarantee reliability and stability.

Hot Water Solar Home System

We offer a very innovative and high efficiency, simple to install and to use complete solution to generate hot water for your home. The standard hot water system can produce 500 L of water per hour at 90°C, but the capacity can be easily increased coupling a solar concentrating system based on an array of mirrors focusing the heat solar panel. It is the right choice to have hot water in hotels and apartments, to heat water in swimming pool, to set up a cheap heating system for home. The standard hot water solar system is based on:

  • Solar panel system to generate hot water
  • Hot water steel tank
  • Mounting rack to easily install the panel and the tank on the roof or in the garden
  • Water pump and valves
  • Controller

Photovoltaic Solar Power Off Grid Home System

The Photovoltaic Solar Power System Off Grid is designed for rural areas where public grid utility is missing. Excess power generated during the day is used to recharge the battery set that will supply electricity during the night. The standar photovoltaic solar system based on 3.000 W output power includes:

  • Photovoltaic Solar Panels (10 modules) to generate electricity
  • Mounting rack to easily install panels on the roof or in the garden
  • Solar charge controller
  • Energy storage set 48 V – 200 Ah (gel battery 3 / 6 year service life)
  • BMS
  • High performance inverter with low status consumption (Efficiency > 90%, Suitable for heavy load, Standby level adjustable, High ambient temperature design)
  • Low voltage, high voltage, overload and over temperature protection set
  • LED lighting for low energy consumption on request