Electric Scooter Charging Station with Solar Panels

Electric Scooter Charging Station with Solar Panels

1.960,00 $

Electric Scooter Charging Station with Solar Panels

1.960,00 $

With our stylish electric scooter charging station with 800W solar panels you can park and charge 4 electric scooters at the same time.
Easy Installation: Self-supporting structure
Solar Panels Power: 800 watts
Output Voltage: 110V – 220V AC outlets

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Our Electric Scooter Charging Station is a complete solution for parking and charging electric scooters equipped with 800W solar panels.

We strongly believe that this charging system will give a boost to the urban micro-mobility revolution. In fact, our engineers have developed an innovative parking station that is both beautiful to look at and functional. Thus all municipalities, small and large, who wish to encourage micro-mobility users can easily create sustainable infrastructures for charging e-scooters. But thanks to its flexibility, it is also ideal for all buildings that want to keep up with the times. From shopping malls to office buildings and universities that want to provide parking options for smart people.
As you know micro-mobility is a new phenomenon, but it is fast becoming very popular in all cities. So mayors, condominium managers and urban architects have to face new challenges related to the increase of electric scooters. Azure charging station with highly efficient solar panels and e-scooter racks is the best way to park and charge. Among the advantages we highlight that it is self-supporting and that it takes less than 1 hour to install!

Solar Electric Scooter Charging Station Features

Body Materials: Steel
Capacity: 4 docking and charging spots
Size (LWH): 2000 x 1000 x 2400 mm – 78.7 x 39.3 x 94.5 inch
Output Voltage: Each post is provided with integrated 110V – 220V AC outlet. Digital power meter option is available
Solar Panels Power: 800 W
Solar Controller: Solar controller and inverter are integrated for easy installation
Waterproof Protection: IP44 rated unit
Certification Mark: CE

Solar Charging Station Project Planning

The charging station is equipped with 4 e-scooter charging stands. Each scooter can be chained to its rack while parked for charging. Our technicians recommend having a circulation area in front of the rack of 1500 mm (59 inch) to ensure easy access. The structure of the charging station is modular and very flexible. In fact you can easily increase the number of racks to store any number of scooters. So you can meet the demand for parking and charging as the use of electric scooters increases. As we know, scooter-based micromobility is a relatively new phenomenon. But in no time it has become very popular in most of the cities. It is a market that has exploded especially in the last 2 years. And that started the creation of this charging station. Yes, just to have the units charged while they were parked in a safe and orderly way.

Advantages of Electric Scooter Charging Station with 800W Solar Panels

  • Environmental-friendly: The Electric Scooter Charging Station can help to support your environmental credentials reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Energy saving: By generating your own power, you can use this to charge electric scooter batteries and also to reduce your utility bills.
  • Stand out from competitors: The solar charging station not only helps generate electricity but also offers shade to the people who visit you. You can also take the opportunity to add an external sales point to your business.
  • Easy Installation, just need connect electric scooter batteries.
  • Self-supporting: Free standing structure suitable for internal and external installs. The scooter charging station is delivered ready for installation on a flat and secure concrete surface. Moreover, the charging station is completely self-sufficient and does not require connection to the electricity grid.
  • Free maintenance.


Steel and aluminum structure
Four electric scooter racks
Solar panels
Solar controller and inverter
Cable for solar panels
Backup battery (Optional)

What is a Charging Station

The Solar Power Charging System is a basic independent power plant designed to generate electricity satisfying basic needs such as lighting, TV, notebook, fridge, ceiling fan, and charging battery of electric vehicles. The solar power station can be coupled with local electricity grid or can be installed 100% off grid. The power system grid tied is connected to the grid utility through an inverter that convert the current generated by the PV panels into 110 – 220 V AC current for use in your home. Excess power will be sold back to the public utility to save your energy bill.


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