Cooler Bag Solar Powered Mini Fridge

390,00 $

Cooler Bag Solar Powered Mini Fridge

390,00 $

The Cooler Bag is a mini fridge powered by folding solar panels for camping & outdoor use.

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The Cooler Bag is a solar powered mini thermoelectric fridge great for camping & outdoor uses. The solar panels kit is connected to the fridge via a solar controller. Digital temperature pre-setting, LCD display and automatic power cut off to protect the fridge.

Solar Powered Cooler Bag Features

Folding SunPower solar panels offer high efficiency compared to ordinary panels
Advanced technology and quality control system
Solar controller
Overcharge and over discharge protection
Short circuit protection
High Efficiency and high stability
Waterproof Protection
Long service life

Solar Powered Cooler Bag Technical Specifications

Solar Panels Power: 80 W
Input Voltage: 12 V dc
Solar Panels Folded Size: 380 x 430 x 35 mm
Solar Panels Open Size: 1580 x 380 x 30 mm
Solar Panels Weight: 3.8 Kg
Cooling Capacity: minus 16° C from outside temperature
Fridge Capacity: 40 Liters


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