Commercial Solar Carport Structures

Commercial Solar Carport Structures

48.600,00 $

Commercial Solar Carport Structures

48.600,00 $

Elegant carport structures for your commercial area that are simple and easy to set up with high efficiency solar panels. With this solar carport you can offer shade to your customers and reduce your electricity bills.
Output power of solar panels: 36.480 watts
Charging stations: 12 parking lots with 110 – 220 v outlets

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All commercial companies can greatly benefit from installing commercial solar carport structures in their parking lots. These solar structures provide both the solar energy needed for the business and shade for their customers’ and employees’ cars! In short, solar carport structures are elevated canopies built to cover existing parking areas. They offer more efficient use of space than ground mounted panels and do not waste additional land. Today many companies have embraced the idea of installing huge solar canopies for parking lots. Our solar carport structures look elegant and come in different layouts and sizes. Solar parking lots can be large enough to cover dozens of parking rows. Generate electricity and protect cars to prevent damage from sun, wind, rainwater and snow. From simple single car home solar carport to large condominium or commercial structures, our solar carports are the right choice.

Commercial Solar Carport Comes with Following Elements

Elegant solar carport for 12 cars
High efficiency solar panels
Solar controller and inverter
12 x 110 – 220 volts AC power outlets

Ready for Solar? Install a Commercial Solar Carport on Your Parking Area

  • Give your customers shade.
  • Promote eco-friendly solutions for your customers.
  • During the shopping experience or during lunch, your customers can take advantage to charge their electric car for free. Or you can install a simple payment system with prepaid cards, credit cards, or a mobile payment app to make money.
  • You can install the carport on-grid and free yourself from electric bills.

Advantages of Solar Carport Structures

  • The Commercial Solar Carport is a 100% green and self-sufficient electric generator.
  • The Solar Carport will generate enough electricity to charge your customers’ electric cars during their stay in your business.
  • Commercial Solar Carport Structures are flexible and modular to simplify installation and to be easily increased if more power is needed.
  • This solar carport is built to charge any type of electric vehicle.

Where to Install a Solar Carport

Parking lots for supermarkets, factories, offices, shops and restaurants
Condominium parking lots
Resorts and guests houses
Parking of hospitals, stadiums and convention centers
Remote areas with poor or no access to the public electricity grid


Foundation, support poles, cross beam tubes, mounting racks, assemblies, connectors and clamps
Solar panels: 380 W x 96 pcs.
Output power: Kw 36
Solar controller and inverter
PV combiner box, cables and connectors
Installation manual

For professional assistance don’t hesitate to contact us. An engineer from our staff will be happy to assist you with all aspects of the design and set up of your Commercial Solar Carport.


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