Coffee Cart on Wheels for Sale

Coffee Cart on Wheels for Sale

2.380,00 $

Coffee Cart on Wheels for Sale

2.380,00 $

Earn money while having fun on the beach with our coffee cart equipped with a Made in Italy coffee machine and balloon wheels to work on the beach too.

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The Coffee Cart on Balloon Wheels for sale is an elegant and efficient push cart equipped with a coffee machine and large wheels to operate even on the beach. The cart is very easy to use both indoors and outdoors, and to move around easily is possible attach the cart to an electric bike or a bicycle with a special steel bar (optional). We provide an energy-saving Italian coffee machine that does not require any external power socket. The coffee cart is equipped with solar panels and 12v battery for cloudy days.

Coffee Cart on Wheels Uses and Users

Born for the sale of coffee and cappuccino in parks, exhibitions, pedestrian areas and beaches, or to promote a new business, the balloon wheels cart is a profitable investment for any entrepreneur who wishes to diversify their sales channels. A nice coffee shop on wheels that will meet the needs of even the most demanding catering professionals.

Coffee Cart on Wheels for Sale Features

The coffee cart with balloon wheels for sand and snow combines elegant design with the most advanced solar energy technology to provide you with all the solutions you deserve:

  • Stainless steel finishing.
  • Large worktop in food-grade stainless steel.
  • 80 L freezer with temperature range from 10° to -18° centigrade powered by a 12 v battery.
  • Solar panel system to recharge the battery, including Sunpower flexible solar panels and controller.
  • Water sink kit including hand washing sink with faucet with automatic sensor electric pump, 20 L fresh and waste water tanks.
  • Four internal storage compartments to provide space for equipment and supplies.
  • LED lights.
  • Balloon wheels offer great grip and traction on terrains where traditional tires don’t seem to work: sand, snow, wet stones. (The first fat tire bike appeared in 1980 for desert travel and after a decade they were used on snow).

Coffee Cart on Wheels Technical Specifications

Frame: Hi-ten steel
Rims: aluminum
Spokes: stainless steel
Tires: 20″ x 4 fat tires
Loading capacity: 120 Kg
Weight: 60 Kg including coffee machine

Why Start a Coffee Cart Business

Ice cream carts are very popular today.
Be your own boss with your stylish mobile espresso coffee cart.
You can serve espresso, coffee, cappuccino, mocaccino and more coffee based drinks prepared in front of customers’ eyes.
Low purchase price and no maintenance costs compared to a traditional coffee shop.
To be successful, just push the cart and make money.


Coffee Cart with balloon wheels for beach use
Espresso coffee and cappuccino machine (Made in Italy)
Water sink
Led lights

Energy Efficiency

To save money and to maximize the energy efficiency, the cart comes equipped with an high efficient solar panel kit.
Energy-saving espresso coffee & cappuccino machine (available also with ESE pods system).
No need water and electricity supply.
Perfect for locations without a power connection.

Customized Design

The mobile push cart is available in white, red or black colour, but can be branded with custom graphics. It is completely customizable and can be outfitted on demand according to your needs.


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