Coffee Boat Floating Coffee Bar for Sale

3.990,00 $

Coffee Boat Floating Coffee Bar for Sale

3.990,00 $

The Floating Coffee Bar is a coffee shop, just on a boat with Made in Italy coffee maker.

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The Coffee Boat is a floating bar with a Made in Italy coffee maker to serve coffee and cappuccino. A coffee bar just on boat! You can ride and enjoy the coffee boat on the sea, river and lake. It is very stable and easy to operate. If you cycle along the coast near the tourists, they will surely be impressed and attracted by your coffee boat. Pedal on water and make money!

Coffee Bar on Boat Guidelines

The coffee boat is a totally independent coffee shop. The solar panels on the canopy can produce enough electricity for the coffee maker, fridge and radio, always useful to attract more customers.

Coffee bar on Boat Uses and Users

The Coffee Boat is a great idea for lovers of the outdoors who wants to start his own business with low investments for the startup, Turn a day on the water into a full-blown party by pedaling and serving coffee and cappuccino with your coffee boat. The boat is a stable floating platform where a professional coffee maker is placed.

Bike Boat Technical Specifications

Frame material: aluminiun alloy
Floating wheels: high density oolyethlyene (PE)
Solar Panels: SunPower W flexible solar panels on top roof
Propulsion: cycling
Max speed: 12 km/h
Loading capacity: 180 Kg – 397 lbs (3 persons)
Size: 3200 x 2000 x 2000 mm – 10.5×6.6×6.6″ (LxWxH)
Weight: 90 Kg – 198 lbs

Why To Run a Coffee Bar on Boat

Food trucks transformed how food is served on land. Today it is even possible to start a food boat business.
Become your own boss running your coffee boat business.
Become a local celebrity.
You can sell cold drinks and serve hot espresso, coffee or cappuccino prepared in front of customers’ eyes.
Thousands of customers and high profit margins.
Low purchasing price and no maintenance costs.
To success, just cycle surrounded on all sides by crystal-clear turquoise waters.

What is Included in Coffee Bar on Boat

Water Bike Boat
Espresso coffee machine
Solar panels

Coffee Bar on Boat Accessories

Espresso Italy Coffee Machine, available also with ESE pods system or American Coffee Machine (included in the price).
Refrigerator – Freezer for drinks or ice-cream (optional).
Stereo to attract more clients (optional).

Coffee Bar on Boat Customized Design

We are ready to customize the body image of your Coffee Bar on Boat according to your needs and create your personalized coffee boat for sale.


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