Best Electric Mountain Bike Full Suspension

Best Electric Mountain Bike Tengah Full Suspension

3.890,00 $

Best Electric Mountain Bike Tengah Full Suspension

3.890,00 $

The Best Full Suspension Electric Bike with a powerrful 1000 watt mid drive Bafang motor and oversized 27.5″ x 3 tires.
Motor Power: 1.000 W (optional 250 W for EU market)

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The Best Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike equipped with oversized 27.5 “x 3 tires to offer great comfort and good traction on all terrains, the ideal mountain bike for extreme off-road lovers. Enjoy the incredible climbing ability of this electric mountain bike and the high speed you can have even on muddy trails.

Best Electric Mountain Bike Technical Specifications

Frame: aluminum
Handle bar: adjustable in aluminum
Stem: aluminum
Shifter: 11-speed Sram
Crankset: aluminum
Brakes: front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
Lights: front and tail led light
Max load: 120 Kg
Rims: aluminum
Spokes: stainless steel
Tires: 27.5″ x 3 tires

Rider Height

170 – 200 cm ( 5.5” – 6.5″ )

Electric Mountain Bike Power Unit

Motor: Mid drive Bafang with internal steel gear
Power: 1000 W (optional 250 W for EU market)
Max Speed: 70 Km/h
Range: 80 km
Battery: 48 V – 15 Ah Li-ion removable battery pack (48 V – 17 Ah optional)
Controller: intelligent 5 level pedal assist
Charging Time: 2-3 hours
Charger: 100/240 V – AC 50/60 Hz

Electric Mountain Bike Specifications

Why Buy a Full Suspension Electric Bike with 27.5″x3 Tires

In the early 1980s, the first fat tires began to be used for desert trips, and after a decade for riding on snow. Fat bikes are ideal bikes for extreme off-road lovers, in fact fat tires offer good grip and traction on terrains where traditional tires don’t seem to work: snow, sand, wet stones, muddy paths. Thanks to the high grip, no terrain is impossible with these tires. In addition to off-road vehicles, fat bikes are also appreciated by those who use the bike in the city, for their great comfort. The wide tires soften the roughness of the ground. But the downside of fat tires is the high friction which does not facilitate rolling on asphalt. In fact, the large contact surface with the ground involves considerable effort in pedaling. The 27″ x 3 tire bike falls in the middle between the fat bike and the road bike. With these 3″ wide tires you have the convenience of a fat bike with the smoothness of a mountain bike. In addition, the fenders (optional) and LED lights allow you to also use the bicycle to go to work.
The battery can be charged with a classic 110 – 220 volt electrical outlet or with the solar charger for electric bikes.

The electric fat bike comes fully assembled and packed in a recyclable cardboard box, allowing any customer to get on the road easily in minutes.


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