Battery Operated Coffee Machine for Mobile Cafes

Battery Operated Coffee Machine for Mobile Cafes

2.890,00 $

Battery Operated Coffee Machine for Mobile Cafes

2.890,00 $

Always serve great espresso wherever you are with your brand new Battery Operated Coffee Machine. A Made in Italy professional coffee machine designed specifically for mobile cafes and restaurants.

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With your brand new Portable Battery Operated Coffee Machine you can always serve an excellent espresso wherever you are. As it is a coffee maker designed for mobile bars and restaurants and made with the technical details of a professional coffee machine. So you can offer delicious hot espresso coffees in the most beautiful locations, from today no place is unapproachable. In fact, using this portable coffee maker you can transform any place into a welcoming coffee shop. From a wedding on the beach to a corporate event in the mountains, every occasion is a good one for serving excellent coffee. With this unique coffee maker in the world, discover how our technology has made the mobile bar business convenient.
Obviously you can find other battery-powered coffee machines on the market. But they are little more than a toy capable of making only 3 or 4 coffees on a single charge. Our Portable Coffee Machine is professional equipment, comfortable, reliable and built to last. As well as serving espresso with the same taste as a real Italian coffee shop.

Enjoy Espresso Anywhere, Anytime with Your Battery Operated Coffee Machine

An excellent coffee in any place you want. As this portable battery operated machine is a perfect espresso machine for both mobile coffee shops and coffee lovers on the go. In fact, it is built with the same technical characteristics as a traditional coffee machine used in bars. It is made of stainless steel and brass to last a long time and always offer the same performance over time. Furthermore, compared to other battery-operated espresso makers, this machine is always ready to prepare hot cups of espresso. Since the powerful lithium battery allows you to prepare more than 100 espressos on a single charge. And if you need to prepare more, you can opt for the pod coffee machine with larger capacity battery. Just Contact us.

Professional Coffee Pod Machine for Mobile Cafes

Professional Made in Italy coffee pod machine with double dispenser, ideal for coffee shops and restaurants. Among the most important technical characteristics it stands out the pressure gauge and the steam wand with the addition of a boiler dedicated to vaporization. Essential accessories for preparing a good cappuccino. Second, each group has independent controls to optimize consumption. Third, the coffee extraction system guarantees an intense aroma and a full-bodied crema. Fourth, this coffee machine is designed to simplify and speed up cleaning and maintenance. Fifth, the tank capacity is adequately sized for very frequent coffee consumption. Furthermore, the machine is compatible with all 44mm E.S.E. pods.

Technical Data

External bodywork: steel and stainless steel
Thermoblock: totally in aluminum
Pod press: in aluminum
Pod clamping levers (right and left): in aluminum
Steam lance: in aluminum
Coffee groups pump: 15 Bar
Exchanger dedicated to steam: YES
Steam thermometer: YES
Boiler: in aluminum
Thermostat: operating thermostat at 98°C – 208°F
Temperature indicator: YES
On / off key: YES (dedicated to each group)
Upper cup rest: YES
Water tank capacity: 5 L – 1.32 US gallon

Advantages of a Mobile Coffee Pod Machine

An ESE pod coffee machine can offer numerous advantages. First of all, the high yield and impeccable quality of the coffee even during seasonal and temperature changes. Secondly, you can serve great coffees even if you haven’t taken a course to become a barista. Third, the machine is very light and compact, therefore very easy to transport and place in any corner of the room. The aesthetic design of our coffee maker, in fact, is perfect for any environment. Also noteworthy is the significant energy and consequently economic savings.
As the the water necessary for supply is heated only when required. and it only takes 20 seconds. So you save a lot of energy to keep pressurized hot water always available in the boiler. For this reason this Battery Operated Coffee Machine is suitable for restaurants and small coffee shops that serve 100 to 200 cups of coffee per day. In fact, you can prepare coffee continuously and without losing quality only when the customer requests it. For the rest of the time the espresso machine remains off and does not waste electricity.

Why Serve Espresso on the Go with the Battery Operated Coffee Machine

If you own a bar or restaurant you absolutely must own a professional coffee machine. Our espresso machine has the mechanics of a bar coffee machine, only it runs on battery. In fact, it is portable, as well as being robust, high-performance and long-lasting without the need for maintenance. So if your restaurant has tables in the garden, you can bring the coffee machine closer to the customer’s table. This allows you to always serve excellent steaming espressos. In fact, in very large restaurants customers often complain that the coffee arrives cold. And customers will remember the coffee served not at the optimal temperature rather than the excellent meal.

What is included in the Battery Operated Coffee Machine

Made in Italy Battery Operated Coffee Machine with water tank
LiFePO4 battery
Battery charger
300 ESE coffee pods for FREE!

Add-Ons to enrich Your Mobile Cafe

Portable solar panels to charge your battery with the sun and make your mobile bar operational for the whole day.


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