Mobile Affordable Coffee Bike

Affordable Coffee Bike Mobile Espresso Coffee Bicycle

3.890,00 $

Affordable Coffee Bike Mobile Espresso Coffee Bicycle

3.890,00 $

The Mobile Espresso Coffee Bike is a stylish affordable long tail bicycle equipped with an Italian espresso machine designed to run your mobile coffee business without huge startup investments and without the maintenance costs of a traditional coffee shop.

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The Mobile Affordable Coffee Bike is an elegant long tail bicycle equipped with an Italian espresso coffee machine designed to run a mobile business without huge startup investments and without the maintenance costs of a traditional coffee shop. Our technicians managed to install a solar-powered espresso machine on a simple bicycle, just a little longer than usual. With the espresso bike you can serve at weddings and special events having a complete mobile cafe’ available. You can offer espresso, cappuccino, mocaccini, and a variety of coffee-based drinks. This innovative coffee bicycle features hi-ten steel frame, Shimano 21-speed, disc brakes, double wall aluminum rims, SunPower solar panels, LED lighting for evening use. Just cycle to find the right location and make money!

Affordable Coffee Bike Users

Turn your dream of spending your days in the sun and making money without having to face excessive costs to start the business. You can start your own coffee business with just over 2 thousand dollars, running the most innovative and reliable espresso bike on the market! Azure express bike was developed to allow anyone to start their own business for the same cost as a bicycle. You will only have to change the brake pads and tires over the years.

Affordable Coffee Bike Uses

As well as for street food, the Affordable Coffee Bike is ideal for providing a sophisticated expresso mobile catering service for any type of event.

  • A mobile espresso bicycle with a friendly barista making coffee and cappuccino in front of guests’ eyes is becoming a trend at every wedding and corporate event.
  • An espresso mobile bar adds luxury and sophistication to any event.
  • Drinking coffee stimulates conversation and is much more elegant than drinking a beer.
  • Your guests can find a good drink in any pub, but it is not usual to have good coffee.
  • Adding an espresso bar is a great addition to the standard mobile bar service, and hiring a specialty espresso bar turns any party into a one-of-a-kind luxury event that leaves a lasting great impression on all of your guests.

Mobile Espresso Coffee Bicycle Perks

Aesthetically it has a stylish design
Much easier to ride than a tricycle and much more faster
You can park in tight spaces
100% sustainable, no CO2 emissions

Mobile Coffee Bicycle Technical Specifications

Frame: Sturdy hi-ten steel
Front suspension
Handle bar: adjustable in aluminum
Shifter: 21-speed Shimano
Crankset: aluminum
Brakes: front and rear disc brakes
Lights: front and tail led light
Rims: double wall aluminum
Spokes: stainless steel
Tires: 26″ x 2.20
Kickstand: Double bicycle stand
Loading capacity: 180 Kg
Weight: 60 Kg

Mobile Espresso Coffee Bicycle Features

Self-contained, the bicycle does not need water and electricity power.
The solar-powered espresso coffee machine can run all day without the need for a power outlet.
Canopy adjustable in height and removable if necessary
Solar panels on the roof
LED lighting system

Why Affordable Coffee Bike

  • The bicycle frame design is easier to use than a tricycle, No terrain is too rough for your coffee bicycle. The 2 wheel bike offers more control and stability than a tricycle and allows you to ride anywhere with ease! Not only is it more practical, but it is also faster and less bulky, making it easier to move and park.
  • Thanks to the solar panels you can run the espresso machine for free and also charge the battery for evening use. The coffee bike is equipped with a battery charging adapter compatible with any 110 or 220V electrical outlet.
  • LED lighting system will add extra hours of work to your business by illuminating your bike’s worktop at night by alerting your clients that your coffee business is running.

What is included in Affordable Coffee Bicycle

Solar canopy
Solar panels
Solar charger
110 – 220 V outlet adaptor
Espresso coffee machine
GPS for real-time location tracking on Android and IOS apps (optional)

Mobile Coffee Bike Customized Design

You can order your Affordable Coffee Bike in white, black, or green. Or order your custom bicycle in any color for just $ 100 more! Plus you can customize the solar canopy and the bicycle with a wrap-around decal complete with your logo!


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