7KW Home EV Charger

7KW Home EV Charger

980,00 $

7KW Home EV Charger

980,00 $

Charge your electri car with our brand new 7KW Home EV Charger designed to make daily charging easier and faster than ever before.

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Charge your electric vehicle with easy with our brand new 7KW Home EV Charger. Because this electric vehicle charger was designed to make everyday charging of electric cars easier and faster than ever.

Indeed, it combines cutting-edge technology with an exceptional design and different color options. So you can place your EV charger wherever you want and without the intervention of a professional electrician. As it is very easy to install and works seamlessly with all energy solutions including solar charging.
As we said, you can install your 7KW Home EV Charger wherever you want. But we advise you to place it in the garage or at least in a covered parking space. This is because one of the main factors determining charging times is weather conditions. In fact, lithium batteries work more efficiently in mild weather. If you already drive an electric car, you may have noticed that it takes longer to charge your car in cold or very hot weather. The ideal temperature for charging a battery is 20° C (68° F).

Make Everyday EV Charging Easier Than Ever

The popularity of EVs has grown rapidly over the last decade and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Whichever way you want to look at it, it is undeniable that the future is electric mobility. In fact, both legislators and manufacturers are working for a rapid diffusion of electric vehicles. And one of the main factors driving consumers towards electric mobility is the ease of charging their car. Because those looking online for which car to buy will find a long list of advantages in favor of electric cars. Then to follow the best performance with a superior driving experience and instant torque. And, of course, a smaller carbon footprint. And the convenience of charging your car quickly and wherever you park affects whether you choose a petrol or electric car.

7KW Home EV Charger Features

Voltage: 220 – 400V
Current: 16 / 32 A (Type2), 48 A (Type1)
Power: 7 KW
Connection: Type1
RCD: Type A / RCMU (Type A+DC 6mA Optional)
Communication: Wifi / Bluetooth
Display: LCD 3.5 inch screen
Certification Mark: CE

Why Have a 7KW Home EV Charger

The 7KW Charger is the most practical and flexible charging station for domestic installations. First make sure your car allows up to 3.6KW charging speed. In that case, using a 7KW charger will cut the charging time without damaging the battery. You also need to consider that most home properties use single phase power. This means that the maximum charging rate cannot be higher than 7KW.

Costs of Charging Your Electric Car at Home

If you are considering installing a charging station in your home, you should consider some of the following factors. The home charging station is a convenient way to recharge your electric car battery with the daily electricity requirement. So, first try to calculate how much energy you need for your commute. Then choose the right solution for your needs. Because many EV charging stations are too large and require permanent wiring by an electrician. And mind that the installation costs vary with the power and must be considered at the time of purchase. In addition, the residential smart charger can be connected to your home Wi-Fi network. This allows you to easily access all functions of your charging station from your smartphone, pc or tablet. So with a simple and intuitive app you can start or stop the charging session, and set the charging programs.
As known, the electricity tariffs of the users vary at different times of the day. Since electric cars require a lot of electricity, it is crucial charge your electric car at home during the hours when electricity is cheaper. So with your app you can automatically charge your car during off-peak hours to cut electricity costs. Obviously the ideal solution is to combine the 7KW Home EV Charger with a solar canopy. So you will get electricity at no cost. The most convenient way to charge your electric vehicle is at home, overnight. Plug it in when you get home and leave the car charging while you sleep.


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