10KW Off-Grid Solar System with Battery

10KW Off-Grid Solar System with Battery

9.900,00 $

10KW Off-Grid Solar System with Battery

9.900,00 $

Install your brand new 10KW Off-Grid Solar System with 5KW Hybrid Inverter and you will never pay an electric bill again. Because this solar system is all in one: 10KW solar panels, solar charger, inverter, built-in 48V lithium battery and phone APP.
Solar Panels Power: 10.000 Watt
Inverter: 5 KW Hybrid Solar Inverter
Battery: 20.480 Wh LiFePO4 Battery

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This 10KW Off-Grid Solar System with Battery is a great mid-to-high range power option. Because the 18 x 550 W solar panels adapt perfectly to all types of roofs. And the energy produced daily is more than sufficient for the electricity consumption of a 4 – 5 room apartment or villa. So you have free electricity for lighting, television, kitchen appliances, air conditioning and more. Additionally, this system is easily expandable in the future if you want to add more solar panels. But consider that the 80,000W of energy generated per day by the solar kit is enough for your needs. In fact, this power is more than the daily consumption of an average American or European. So depending on how conservative you are, this solar energy system can cover your entire electricity bill.

10KW Off-Grid Solar System Comes With Half-cut Monocrystalline 550W Solar Panels

This 550W high efficiency PV module solar panel is ideal for both residential and commercial rooftop systems. As well as being compatible with ground mounting. In fact, half-cut cell technology offers countless advantages. First of all we point out the very high efficiency of the photovoltaic module equal to 21.3%. This is thanks to the new circuit design, lower internal current, lower Rs loss Ga dopped wafer. Secondly, the low energy degradation which is limited to 0.55% per year. Third, the excellent A-PID performance, 2 times of industry standard. In addition to the low value of LCOE offering a 2% more energy production. Fourth, the risk of hot spot is greatly reduced thanks to the innovative circuit design. Fifth, compatibility with both on-grid and off-grid inverters. Sixth, the 12-year guarantee on materials and workmanship. Finally we highlight the 25 years of useful life.

Solar Panel Mechanical Specifications

Cell Type : Monocrystalline
Cell Dimension : 182 x182 mm
Cell Arrangement : 144 (6 x 24)
Weight : 29 kg
Module Dimension : 2279 x 1134 x 35 mm
Cable Length : Portrait 350 mm / Customized
Cable Cross Section Size : TUV: 4 mm2
Front Glass : 3.2 mm AR Coating Tempered Glass
No. of Bypass Diodes : 3/6
Frame: Anodized Aluminium Alloy
Junction Box : IP68 Waterproof Level

Solar Panel Electrical Specifications

Maximum Power (Pmax/W) : 550
Operating Voltage (Vmp/V) : 41.6
Operating Current (Imp/A) : 13.23
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc/V) : 49.8
Short-Circuit Current (Isc/A) : 13.99
Module Efficiency (%) : 21.3
Power Tolerance (W) : 0~+5
Notes: Irradiance 1000W/m2, Module temperature 25°C, AM=1.5

Performance at NMOT

Maximum Power (Pmax/W) : 410
Operating Voltage (Vmp/V) : 38.8
Operating Current (Imp/A) : 10.58
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc/V) : 46.6
Short-Circuit Current (Isc/A) : 46.6
Notes: Irradiance 800W/m2, Ambient temperature 20°C, AM=1.5, Wind speed 1m/s

Operating Conditions

Maximun System Voltage : 1000V/1500V/DC(IEC)
Operating Temperature : – 40°C to + 85°C
Maximun Series Fuse : 25A
Static Loading Snow Loading : 5400 Pa / Wind Loading: 2400 Pa
Conductivity at Ground : = 0.1 Ohm
Safety Class : II
Resistance : = 100 M Ohm
Connector : MC4 compatible

Temperature Coefficient

Temperature Coefficient Pmax: – 0.34% / °C
Temperature Coefficient Voc : – 0.25% / °C
Temperature Coefficient Isc : + 0.040% / °C
NMOT : 43 ± 2°C

10KW Off-grid Solar System Includes 5KW Hybrid Solar Inverter

The 5 KW hybrid inverter is a all in one system, with solar charger, built in 48 V lithium battery and phone APP. It is modular & stacked for easy installation and expansion and includes a smart BMS built in.

5 KW / 20.48 KWH Inverter / Charger Technical Specification

Inverter Type : 5.5 KW / 51.2 V AC hybrid inverter
Rated Output Power : 5.5 KW
Output Voltage Waveform : Pure Sine Wave
Output Voltage : 110 – 220 V AC
Low DC Warning Voltage : 44.8 V dc
Low DC Cut-off Voltage : 43.2 V dc
Low DC Warning Return Voltage : 44.8 V dc
Total Charging Current (grid + solar) : 100 A max
Bulk Charging Voltage : 58.6 V dc
Float Charging Voltage : 57.6 V dc

Solar Input

Nominal PV voltage . 360 V dc
PV array MPPT voltage: 120 V dc ~ 450 V dc
Max PV array open circuit : 500 V dc
Solar charging current : 100 A max

AC Input

Nominal input voltage : 110 – 220 V ac
Frequency : 40 ~70 Hz Default
Main topology : L + N + PE
Nominal Current (RMS) : 50 A
Max Current (RMS) : 80 A

Additional Notes

Size : 670 x 400 x 917 mm
Weight : 215 Kg
Protection : Overcharge protection, Overdischarge protection, Overcurrent protection, Shortcircuit protection, Overtemperature protection
Noise: < 40 dB (1 meter) Working Temperature : - 23°C ~ + 65°C Humidity : 0 ~ 95% Effeciency : 92% Warranty : 3 Years

20.480Wh LiFePO4 Battery

Battery set : 4 x 51.2 V – 100 Ah
Capacity : 20.480 Wh
Battery voltage: 51.2 V dc
Max charge current : 100 A 1 sec
Max discharge current : 100 A
Operation voltage range : 44.8 ~ 58.4 V dc
Life of cycle : 10.000 times, 80% DOD
Operation Temperature : – 23°C ~ + 65°C

Why Choose 10KW Off-Grid Solar System with Battery

This 10KW Off-Grid Solar System with Battery is reliable, affordable and easy to install. Because it consists of cutting-edge solar panels and solar charger, inverter and battery, all in one. So anyone can make the connections between the various solar panels and the inverter without it possess specific technical knowledge. Thanks to the large lithium battery this system is ideal for an off-grid installation. But it can also be easily connected to the electricity grid. In this case there is a significant reduction in the electricity bill. Whether you decide to use the solar system for your solar home or business project, you are sure to experience great savings. In addition to being a friend of the environment by reducing harmful emissions.

Yes, because a solar system is also perfect for a solar hospital project, solar farm project, solar hotel project. And especially for water treatment projects powered by electricity produced by solar energy. As regards reliability, our system is made up of components subjected to strict quality controls with CE, ROHS, ISO certification. If you want a tailor-made project for your home, Contact our staff.


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