Electric Bike Sharing

Azure bike sharing is the innovative urban mobility system to meet mass transportation needs. Azure bike sharing uses electric bicycles and scooters coupled with a sophisticated gps tracking system. As a result, Azure bike sharing doesn’t require any rent stations, vehicles can be used by any mobile phone holder, or credit and prepaid cards. Vehicles will be used from origin to destination only for a short time. Because of traffic jam, traffic lights, the average speed in a city is 20 Km/h for a car, a little less for public buses that have to stop at all stations. The speed of an electric bicycle is 25 Km/h. The use of an electric bicycle is the ideal choice of the modern society transport needs, high energy efficiency, eco friendly. The only thing a client needs is to use his mobile phone and start pedaling. E-go bike sharing is as easy as a bicycle, suitable to all people from children to elderly people.

Azure Bike Sharing Applications

Azure bike sharing will change the urban lifestyle, people will enjoy the freedom of this new transport coupled with existing transportation modes. To build an extensive network isn’t necessary huge infrastructure investments. Azure bike sharing can be first implemented in main central areas without an extensive network. Locals can move in the city without worring about parking. Visitors can park their own car at a parking lot and uses eBikes and eScooters to get to the end destination. Azure bike sharing consists in offering low cost access to eBikes and eScooters for city transportation to reduce the use of automobiles for short trips, and cut down on traffic congestion, and air pollution. The eBikes and eScooters can be returned at any place in the city, Each eBike and eScooter can be used between 10 and 15 times a day to different users.

Azure Fleet of eBikes and eScooters

Each eBike is painted same colour, because a fleet of coloured eBikes in a city will give more attention at this program. Also because a painted eBike has less value for a theft. We have designed bikes with innovative design of frame and other parts such pedals and wheels to prevent disassembly of parts and resale of stolen bikes.

Difference Between Azure Bike Sharing and Conventional Bike Sharing

Azure bike sharing is different from conventional bike sharing thanks to its technology included into the service. First difference is that we use electric bikes rather than conventional bikes. The major benefit of offering electric bikes is that customers can ride downtown faster, headwind and climbing hills without getting wet in both winter or summer season. The major benefit of choosing GPS technology is greater flexibility for customers, faster and easier start up for local authorities permissions. The technology incorporated into Azure bike sharing will greatly limit theft because of GPS tracking system location.