Solar & Wind Electric Power Plant

6.800,00 $

The most advanced system for power generation, coupling solar panels and wind turbine, excellent for domestic and industrial use



We design and supply complete off-grid solar & wind power plants for several applications such as Industrial power projects, Urban lighting systems, Off-grid buildings, Rural villages electrification, Water pump for irrigation, Marine and Travelling. In order to have 3,000 W available 24 hour, we design a 5 KW solar panels necessary to charge the battery set and extra energy to be used during the day, and a 3,000 W wind turbine to supply extra energy expecially during the night and raining days. This solution is much more better than a 10,000 W only solar plant that could fail generating electricity in case of raining days, or non having enough enery stored in battery for the night if it was a cloudly day.

The main source to have energy without fossil oil is the sun. We have lowered implementing costs of energy through value engineering, operational performance monitoring and efficient financial strategy to be able to offer low-cost solar power solutions at high efficiency yields. We partner with local communities and are able to build long term relationships, which allows us to improve our time of completion, increase efficiency and reduce the maintain costs. The Solar Power System is a basic independent power plant designed to generate hot water and electricity for home or industrial use, satisfying basic needs such as lighting, TV, notebook, fridge, ceiling fan, and water pump in rural areas. The Photovoltaic System consists of a few photovoltaic modules connected in a series, array. The photovoltaic system is modular, high flexibility in power ouput, easy transportation, quick installation. The Solar Power System can be coupled with local electricity grid or can be installed 100% off-grid using a battery power system.

Photovoltaic Off-Grid Solar Power Plant with Battery Back-up

The Photovoltaic Solar Power System Off-grid is designed for rural areas where public grid utility is missing. The excess power generated during the day is used to recharge the battery that will supply electricity during the night. The Photovoltaic Solar Power System with Battery Back-up is the right choice if your national grid isn’t reliable or it is missing. During the day your home will use power generated from the solar panels, and the excess power will recharge the battery that will become a source of energy during the night. The electric power plant includes following parts:
Solar panel polycrystalline series
Peak power: 320 W each panel
Weight: 18.3 kg
Total panels: 30 pcs. for a 10 KW Solar Power Plant
Solar controller
Charge the battery, Tracking the maximum peak power of solar panels
Maintenance free sealed lead acid to generate 3,000 W for 5 hours without sun and without wind. Battery set: 8 x 12 V – 200 Ah
Hybrid solar inverter
Single phase output 230 V AC
Frequency: 50 Hz
Battery voltage: 48 V dc
Power efficiency > 95%

Wind Turbine Power Systems With Battery Back-up

The most advanced system for power generation, excellent for domestic and industrial use. Can be installed in a few minutes, without any permission from local or national authorities. It is activated by very low winds: less than 2 m/sec.

  • Double hybrid rotor, the horizontal Savonius profile lowers the start-up threshold and increases efficiency at low regimes, while the vertical Darrieus profile captures a large volume of air and increases performance at high revs. The result is a better output curve.
  • 360 degree wind capture: Unlike common horizontal wind generators, which have to be oriented to the wind direction, vertical axis generators capture wind from all directions.
  • Unlimited lifetime: since there are no moving mechanical parts (only the rotation of the motor that produces energy) the duration is almost unlimited.
  • Silent: unlike the common horizontal wind generators that have to work at 600 RPM, this model working at only 60 RPM, does not produce noise.
  • Self-braking: all vertical axis rotors, just by virtue of their intrinsic aerodynamic nature, are self-braking: when they reach their working rotation, the wind blade, which is geared against the wind, works as a brake, stabilising the rotation speed and the efficiency
  • Plug &Play: all our systems can be installed in a few minutes without any need for permission from local or national authorities.

Solar Panels & Wind Turbine Power Plant

1: Wind turbine 3 KW
2: Wind turbine controller with plc
3: Inverter for solar photovoltaic panels
4: Inverter for wind turbine
5: Storage inverter for pv connection and battery charge management and grid parallel
6: Lead acid gel 12V – 200 Ah battery pack
7: Photovoltaic panels connected to the storage inverter
8: Optional generator set
9: Monitoring system