Solar Water Pump for Irrigation

16.000,00 $

Energy saving, environmental-friendly, light weight and small size



The most innovative solar water pump system for agriculture. All parts come in a box and the solar panels will be installed on the box at destination. This is the only power system that can be used in several sites. The power plant takes few hours to first set up. It is easily disassembled and folded into the box and it takes short time to be reassembled in a new site. Easy to transport. Easy to install.
The electricity produced by photovoltaic modules is used to power a water pump for irrigation in agriculture. The energy during daytime through the inverter feeds directly the motor of the pump. The panels will be installed South facing and with a tilt angle to the horizontal that will depend on the end site. The output power of this plant is 10.000 W. (The production of energy is calculated for 1.000 W / m2 solar irradiation power. In most countries it is much more of that and during the year it varies according to the seasons).

Solar Panels Features

Flexible Solar Panels
Advanced technology and quality control system
Full power supply and stable function
Solar charger, controller and inverter are integrated for easy installation
Overcharge and over discharge protection
Short circuit protection
High Efficiency and High Stability
Waterproof Protection
Long service life


Energy saving, environmental-friendly
Light weight and small size, easy to take and transport
Fully controlled by computer
Easy Installation, just need connect
Free maintenance

Solar Water Pump Applications

The solar pumps are mainly used in dry region for irrigation in agricuture, or to improve the quality of livingcondition in small villages. Adding a water treatment system, it can be also used for drinking water.