Solar Portable Refrigerator Freezer


Ideal for camping & outdoor, car, motor homes, caravan, truck, automotive, boat, marine.



The most innovative solar portable system for home, car, boat, camping. All parts, solar panels, controller, inverter, battery, solar charger, refrigerator, come in a push cart, and the solar set will be mounted in 5 mins. Easy to transport. Easy to install. The electricity produced by solar panels is used to power the refrigerator freezer, and other electrical loads during daytime. The energy during daytime feeds directly the refrigerator and loads and the extra power is used to recharge the battery. At night, the electric energy of the battery is available to supply the refrigerator freezer and LED lights, and to recharge mobile phone, tablet.

Good for camping & outdoor, car, motor homes, caravan, truck, automotive, boat, marine, home
Perfect for tropical climate
High level of insulation, 55 mm polyurethane foam
Anti-vibration design for harsh condition
Digital temperature pre-setting and LCD display with failure prediction show
Automatic power cut off at 10 V to protect the battery

Solar Power System Features

Flexible SunPower solar panels offer high efficiency compared to traditional panels
Advanced technology and quality control system
Full power supply and stable function
Solar charger and controller
Overcharge and over discharge protection
Short circuit protection
High Efficiency and high stability
Waterproof Protection
Long service life

Technical Specifications

Solar Panel Power: 200 W
Power Consumption; 46 W
Input voltage: 12 – 24 V dc automatic recognition / 110 – 240 V ac
Temperature: from an ice cold – 18℃ and up to + 10℃
Capacity: 60 Liters
Size: 690 x 490 x 475 mm
Weight: 23 Kg
Refrigerant: R134a CFC free
Compressor: High quality DC compressor
Work Time: 36 hours (battery set)
Certificate: CE, ROHS