The future of urban transport belong to e-Bikes. Explore our e-Bikes collection, from elegant city e-Bikes, a real alternative to driving, to MTB e-Bikes designed for the mountains. All easier to pedal, and faster than conventional bikes with little effort. The bicycle is the most popular form of transport in most countries, is the classic transportation for kids and adults of all ages, and there are many millions bikes in use worldwide. But the bicycle couldn’t be considered a serious option to the car, but now a powerful motor turns the ordinary bike into the ideal vehicle for urban mobility. Most of daily trips are in crowded cities, and involve less than 10 Km. In stop and go traffic the average speed for a car is 20 Km/h. The e-Bike is the faster mass transport system for 4-5 Km trips, eliminating hills and headwinds. The e-Bikes allow you to save time and furthermore you don’t need to loose time in searching for a park.

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Most meople lead very sedentary lifestyles, the best way to exercise is to use the eBike to go to work and to run errands. Also electric bikes are very easy and economical to maintain, non driving a car can save you a lot of money, on gas, maintenance costs and increase the life of the car. You also need to consider how much you have to pay to park. Using the electric bicycle rather than a car for all your short trips and it will pay for itself in 6 months. Riding reduce the stress of driving to work because of time wasted in traffic jam. Once arriving at work no time is wasted looking for a park.

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eBikes Advantages

  • Saving time in the traffic jam.
  • Gliding up hills with very light pedalling.
  • Staying healthy while doing exercise everyday.
  • No time wasted for parking.
  • Arriving at work relaxed and without getting sweat. You can wear ordinary clothes and elegant shoes, and getting to work relaxed.
  • Simplifying your live and having more time in the day for your hobby.
  • Using the electric bicycle rather than a car for all your short trips and it will pay for itself in 6 months.
  • Minimising the environmental impact, no pollution, no noise.
  • No license, no vehicle registration, no insurance.
  • Saving a lot of money, no gas station for refuelling, no oil and filters changes, no engine repairs.

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Pedalling an eBike creates almost zero emissions! Using clean, efficient vehicles save money and time while helping the environment and improving the quality of life. We are not crazy and know that some trips can only be made by cars, but we think that most people can ride an eBike for daily trips to work. Today streets look like parking lots, and people spend between 1 and 2 hours a day driving work and looking for a car park, 5 days a week. Most people drive to work every day but most cars on the street carrying only 1 person. In your opinion a sense to use a vehicle that weights 1.000 kg for a loading payload of only 90 kg ? Why using a 200 HP gas motor to move 90 kg at 20 km/h (average speed in crowded cities) when the motor power of the fan cooling radiator of you car, could be enough to power a person at 25 km/h ? People seemed to be without an alternative, we try to encourage people to drive less, thanks to the design, manufacturing, and marketing of a valid alternative vehicles to the car.

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Change Your Life Choosing the eBike for Your Journey! Riding eBikes on Public Roads

In Europe and in the US electric bicycles are classified as standard bicycles. So you can use it wherever and however you can use a bicycle, no driver’s license, license plate, nor insurance is required. But there is a difference in what an electric bicycle is.
EU Road Legal
In Europe, only PAS bikes are classified as bicycles so that you can ride in bike lanes, the road, and even on sidewalks. For other markets we can provide an electric throttle to power the motor, it means that pedaling isn’t required. PAS pedal assisted system, is a power on demand system driven by your pedalling. It means that the electric motor works in tandem with the rider’s pedalling, it is activated only in response to rider pedaling. In all European countries, electric bikes must be powered by a pedal assisted system and meet following specifications:

  • Max motor power 250 W
  • Motor must be activated only with pedaling (PAS)
  • Motor must stop working at 25 km/h

US Road Legal
Current laws regarding electric bikes as conventional bicycle if max speed is less than 35 Km/h. We encourages you to check authority to get accurate information. Each local municipality has different regulations for bicycles including if they can ride on streets, bike lanes and sidewalks:

  • California, and Washington law – electric bicycles can be power by a 750 W / 20 miles per hour power system. No driver’s license, license plate, nor insurance is required, but you must be 16 years or older and wear a standard bicycle helmet
  • Florida law – every motorized bicycle propelled by a combination of human power and an electric motor capable of propelling the vehicle at a speed of not more than 20 miles per hour are recognized as a bicycle though equipped with two front or two rear wheels. No person under the age of 16 may operate or ride upon a motorized bicycle
  • Illinois law – the electric bicycle speed limit is 25 miles per hour
  • Canada – regulations require adults don’t need anything, but all must wear a bike helmet, kids to be 14+ years old
  • For other states, please check your state laws before riding

Electric Bikes FAQ

Here is a basic guide to electric bikes, cargo bikes and coffee bikes, everything you need to know before purchasing an elecric bikes or taking a decision on which electric bike is right for you.

What is an Electric Bike?

An electric bike or eBike is an ordinary bicycle with a built-in motor used for propulsion. The ebike isn’t a motorbike and no need a license. A li-ion battery supplies the motor for the electric motor, and you need to recharge, after using the ebike, with a small charger as a mobile phone.

What is a PAS Electric Bike (Pedal Assisting System)?

A pedal assist eBike is a conventional bicycle powered by an electric motor to assist the rider thanks to a sophisticated electronic sensor. It is the only eBike street legal in Europe (throttle is forbidden). The electric motor adds power to each pedal stroke, but you still need to pedal.

Why Choosing an eBike?

Great distance, little effort, increasing average speed compared to an ordinary bike. The electric bike is the faster mass transport system for 5 Km trips eliminating hills and headwinds. You can get office without breaking a sweat and still making some exercise, just selecting a low level of motor power assistance. Electric bicycles combine the benefits of a scooter with the practicality of a bicycle. No license, no vehicle registration, no insurance, no pollution, no noise.

Design of Electric Bikes

Despite the fact that innovative designs are on the market, we don’t like introducing new styles. Our electric bicycles are common bicycle by installing a special power system in order to allow you find all accessories and spare parts in any bike shop worldwide without problem.

Can I Ride Up Hills With an Electric Bicycle?

Our electric bicycles have very good climbing capacity.

Can I ride My eBike in the Rain?

Yes, eBikes can be used in the rain as motorbikes, eBikes are enough waterproof, but you cannot submerge the eBike. While cleaning, don’t use high-pressure hoses.

Can I ride My eBike if the Battery Becomes Flat?

Yes, the electric bikes are ordinary bikes so you can pedal as a bicycle in case the battery becomes flat. But please mind to recharge the battery as you get a power outlet (at home or office), and never to leave he battery empty for long time.

What is the Max Speed of the eBikes

According to law in Europe, electric motors provide support up to a speed of 25 Km/h, while in the US eBikes are electronically limited at 35 Km/h.

What is the Range of eBikes

The range of eBikes falls in between 50 to 100 km depending on several factors like: Hills, Type of terrain, Head wind, Rider weight, Type and pressure of tyres, Level of motor assist choosen. The range will reduce if:
The rider weight exceeds 75 kg.
Rough terrain, no flat road, hills and or headwinds.
Stop and go commuting.
If ambient temperature is lower than 10° C or higher than 25° C.
Bad weather conditions, snow, wind or rain.
Using the throttle direct mode (it is forbidden in Europe), it will decrease the range by 50%.
Frequent use of the brakes.

How Often Does the Battery Need To Be Charged?

Batteries must be kept fully charged, so it is better to charge after each ride (charge every 2-3 months if you don’t use the eBike for a long time).

Do Electric Bicycles Recharge When Downhill?

The bicycles generate current when freewheeling, but frankly it is a little and you will notice no effects.

What Are the Running Costs for an Electric Bicycle?

Don’t worry about rising fuel price and expensive maintenance costs of a motorbike. The cost of electricity is few cents per charge and maintenance costs of an eBike is very cheap.

What Maintenance Is Required for an Electric Bicyle?

Use same attention you have for any ordinary bicycle.

What is Battery Life?

You need to replace the battery after 4-6 years.

What is a Brushless Motor?

Most electric bicycles use brushless motors because have high performance, maximum efficiency, maintenance free, no deterioration over time, much smaller and lighter than brushed motors. (Carbon brushes make contact with the rotor of the motor causing friction and reducing its efficiency.

What is the Best Electric Motor for an eBike: Mid-drive Motor, Rear Hub Motor or Front Hub Motor?

There are 3 motor configurations for electric bicycles: front mounted hub motor, rear wheel mounted hub motor, and mid-drive motor between pedals. Mid-drive motor is a little more efficiency than hub motors and riding a mid-drive eBike looks more like an ordinary bike. The disadvantage is that the cyclist must always use the gears a lot and stay with the right gear ratio. Rear wheel configuration is better than front wheel because of More balanced and superior traction, Better handling when raining than front wheel configuration, More traction control when climbing than front wheel configuration.

Is it Required To Have Specific Skills To Change a Tire on an Electric Bicycle?

No, same skills for any ordinary bicycle.