Coffee Bikes

With Coffee Bikes we mean a category of cargo bikes for the street food industry serving coffee and light food. The evolution of the old street food 3 wheel bike. The coffee bike is a fully equipped coffee shop on wheels characterized by unique design and innovative technical solutions, self contained, and no need water and electricity supply. The coffee bike is designed to house the essential equipment of a bar and add value to every street corner and event, moving from one location to the next without any setup.

Coffee Bikes for the Street Food Industry

The Mobile Coffee Bike is ideal for a boy or girl of twenty to combine passion and work, but might be interesting for anyone who wants to start his own business. It is the right idea for clever men and women who presently are involved in food & beverage industry, or for anyone looking for a new business without huge investments for the startup, and without the cost of maintaining a traditional coffee shop. The street food industry is the main use, but let us bring to your home event our mobile coffee bar, making it a truly unforgettable and unique venue.

Street Food Vending Carts

The street food vending cart can be moved by hand or mounted on any bike for greater mobility in a while thanks to a removable steel bar. We have developed a retro design coupled with innovative solutions to offer a lovely cooking experience and add value to every street corner. The cart can be equipped with a crepes maker, hot-dog grill BBQ, frier, pasta cooker, refrigerator, juice extractor, and more. The vending cart is perfect for anyone looking for a new business without investing thousands of dollars, and without running costs.

Cargo Bikes for Families and for Business

A cargo bike is designed to carry both kids and goods. Already very popular in bike-friendly European cities, cargo bikes are becoming popular in other countries being the greener and greatest vehicle for commuting. Thanks to a large basket on trikes, you’ll have room for shopping, a dog or a passenger. Cargo electric bikes are really useful 2 or 3 wheel bikes for work and play. The well designed reinforced frame coupled with a power electric motor allow you carry up to 200 Kg of real payload cargo. The customised cargo electric bike with your company logo is the right solution for last kilometre logistics in delivery industry. A fleet of cargo bikes help your staff make delivery on time in crowded areas without spending time in looking for a car park or walking for hundreds of meters. A GPS device installed on the cargo bikes allow you know the exact position of each cargo bike of the fleet, and arrange the movements of each cargo bike in the fleet according to the needs of last-minute customers. The most economical and flexible delivery system for short runs in crowded urban areas, especially for areas with limited parking.

Low Environmental Impact with Cargo Bikes Fleet

Our electric cargo bikes help parcel delivery companies reduce their environmental footprint by replacing urban car and trucks trips with electric powered cargo bikes. Pedalling an electric cargo bike creates zero emissions, and peolpe recognize that your company policy is committed to the environment when see your cargo bikes in the city. Cargo bikes can be easily branded with custom artwork to make your fleet unique and highly eye-catching while traveling the streets of the city. Two of the biggest European companies as DHL and IKEA are replacing their trucks for urban delivery with cargo bikes to improve their logistics saving hundreds metric tons of CO2, time and money. Also several urban local couriers and food delivery business owners are incorporating electric cargo bikes into business operation.