Azure Construction

Azure Construction Dept. is committed to providing technical, financial and commercial services to optimize turnkey projects from concept to delivery. We offer a wide range of products and services with a hands-on approach to assist our clients in all areas relevant to success. from the identification of the right suppliers to the finance able to finance the launch of new projects. We can offer our clients our expertise in negotiating complex business deals, including:

  • Project planning
  • Strategy development
  • Business analysis
  • International standards
  • Negotiation and sales agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Negotiation of payment terms

We strive to become an integral part of your business by building a strong relationship based on trust and working to exceed your expectations every time. Our highly qualified multidisciplinary consultants have extensive experience in renewable energy and have the ability to provide a wide range of services in the field of power generation to provide sustainable development:

  • Promote clean and innovative energy sources
  • Providing high quality and cost-effective renewable energy solutions
  • Drafting of a detailed financial plan, including estimated time to break even and profit projection
  • Provide technical services to ensure the implementation of renewable energy projects

Turnkey Power Plant Construction

Azure Construction Dept. comprises experienced individuals with the diverse skills needed to successfully complete any construction project and find private investors to support the project, from feasibility study to delivery of a turnkey power plant. The strength of our team is the ability to provide various services in relation to every aspect of the projects including:
Market analysis: Analysis of the market in the chosen area and estimation of climatic and economic situations.
Feasibility study: Site assessments for the construction of a thermal and / or electrical system, Technological feasibility study including future applications from electricity generation to seawater desalination, Feasibility study economic that balances investment costs and earnings from the sale of electricity.
Project developments: Documents and drawings for the construction of a power plant, Rendering for the assessment of the visual and environmental impact, Engineering for the construction of equipment for power plants, Engineering for the construction of equipment for power plants, construction and installation of machinery and equipment, connection to the grid.

Green Building Design and Construction by Azure

The energy efficiency of buildings is the first step towards achieving sustainability. We create innovative energy saving solutions to reduce the building’s environmental impact and operating costs. All constructions must be beautiful, functional and highly resource efficient. Green buildings are also designed to use the sun and wind to provide energy. To create energy-efficient buildings, we operate as follows:

  • We design buildings to allow direct sunlight into buildings in the winter when we need heat and to prevent sunlight from entering buildings in the summer months in order to save on air conditioning costs.
  • We use photovoltaic panels to generate electricity for most of the building’s needs.
  • We use high performance roof and wall systems that provide indoor temperature and humidity control, keeping a building cool in summer and warm in winter without consuming energy.
  • We use the wind to cool buildings.
  • We analyze and design energy saving solutions on existing buildings.
  • We design and build new buildings and new industrial plants.

Solutions for Energy Efficiency by Azure

Efficient use of energy is necessary to reduce the amount of energy consumed in every activity of our life. Wall and roof insulation allows a building to use less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature (heating and cooling). The installation of LED lights reduces the amount of electricity required to obtain the same level of lighting compared to the use of the traditional incandescent lamp. Reducing energy consumption in buildings, industrial processes and transport reduces costs and harmful emissions. Many companies are committed to using less energy or using the same amount of energy more productively. Energy efficiency has become the cheapest alternative energy source and one of the fastest ways to reduce emissions.

Roof Ventilation System
Azure Construction offers innovative construction systems for roofs, walls and floors combined with traditional building decoration methods. Proper ventilation is essential for controlling temperatures in the building. Roof ventilation is achieved with a cavity in the roof to facilitate the flow of air. You have the ideal temperature thanks to the natural air flow without air conditioners. The implementation of the air cooling system on the roof is:

  • Economical: High installation speed without the need for specialized manpower or high-tech machinery for handling the structure.
  • Easy to install: self-supporting and without concrete supports.
  • Flexible: The structure is modular and can be assembled to any size and shape of the roof.
  • Versatile: Reusable in case of house change, completely bolted, unalterable, maintenance-free.
  • Innovative: Natural ventilation system in the cavity to increase the thermal capacity of the roof and avoid the heat on sunny days.

Internal Ventilation System
Azure Construction can offer maintenance-free and ecological ventilation systems to keep your home cool and dry, preventing heat and humidity. Great comfort, low electricity bills and long life. Sunny days mean warm temperatures and when the thermometer reaches 30 ° C the heat creates problems in the house. living spaces become uncomfortable, facilities can deteriorate due to night / day temperature changes, air conditioners have to run 24/7 to keep rooms comfortable. A new ventilation system can solve all of the above problems by removing excess heat from the home. The cooling of the house is given by an intelligent chimney placed in the highest part of the building that manages the air flow by exploiting the different air pressure between the upper floor and the ground floor. It is much more efficient than a ceiling fan. Thanks to these systems, the temperature of the house can be 10 ° C lower than the outside temperature without the use of air conditioners.

Solar Shading System
A simple but effective system to reduce solar heat with the best value for money. The brise soleil system consists of wooden, pvc or carbon slats suitable for any building project and geographical area, added to the building facade to limit the solar heat input and to offer the best comfort to residents. The brise soleil system is available in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes and colors to suit the specific facade of the building The installation of the brise soleil system contributes to the thermal performance of the building:

  • Limit direct solar radiation and maintain the right light levels
  • Reduce energy consumption, less air conditioning
  • Allow for natural ventilation along the facade of the building

Solar Lighting System
Several researches have shown that people exposed to natural light are more productive, more positive and have a sense of well-being. We have developed cost-effective technology to provide natural light to the interior spaces of residential and commercial buildings. Our technology is based on capturing the sun’s rays thanks to a high-performance mirror system. Even if your apartment is on the ground floor and the window overlooks a dark alley, you can enjoy the sunlight simply by placing our rotating mirror on the roof or on one side of the building exposed to the sun and a second mirror next to yours. window. Your eyes will say thank you!
To increase versatility, we have developed a hybrid option that combines an advanced LED lighting system with our daytime lighting system. Automatically provides lighting during night and day via LED lighting system only after sunset, with significant energy savings. Our daytime lighting system can be installed in both residential and commercial buildings.